Family Life

Cindy Sydnor

The Sydnors’ eldest son, Rusty, is married and living in Ronan MT. “He is a restoration ecologist and is working on a waterway near Flathead Lake and loving it!” says Cindy. “Our younger son, Chad, is a second lieutenant in the Army Reserves. He will finish his training at the end of January. He has applied to law school and hopes to start next fall.”

Eliza became USDF certified in November of 2004 (training level to second level), possibly the youngest to do so, at 22. She is teaching several young people, training some nice young horses and some mature ones too. Cindy says that she has great organizational skills. “She ran an "L" program and helps me tremendously with USDF certification workshops, etc.”

With her children now grown, Cindy has more time for riding, teaching, and competing, and even has a few hobbies: "Gardening and cooking are peaceful diversions; I play the piano a little bit, and listen to books on tape. A few of my favorite authors are Annie Proulx, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Kay Gibbons."

Written for® by Amber Heintzberger and Jackie Freundlich

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