Event Rider Credits Dressage for Recent Victory

Leslie Neuhoff from Jackson, Wyoming won the USCTA's Western division of the Preliminary DeBroke Championships August 29, 1999, crediting her dressage training for the skills she has developed on cross country.

On her 10 year old thoroughbred Byron (x Speed Play) the 42 year old director of the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole rode the challenging cross country course designed by Capt. Mark Phillips with the precision of a seasoned event competitor, which she is not.

Neuhoff has owned her only horse for 7 years, buying him as a three-year-old with the ultimate goal of eventing. "We did only dressage for the first three years I had him" she explained. "It is what keeps us packaged in everything else that we do." Stabled at the beautiful Spring Creek Equestrian Center at the foot of the Teton Mountain Range, the location of the event, she was able to benefit from the strong emphasis on dressage where the Center's owner Robin Weiss and rider Kris Montgomery maintain a top level riding and training program.

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