European Vaulting Championships in Poznan (POL) Gold Again for All Title-Holders

A very successful Vaulting Championship was organised in Poznan from 9 to 12 August 2001.

In a very friendly atmosphere, a close battle saw the victory of Switzerland, which proudly kept its European Team title, won in 1999 in Nitra (SVK). The Swiss team earned the gold medal with a score of 8,157 points ahead of Germany (8.038) and Sweden (7.314).

The Individual titles were much disputed between the German and French vaulters, who clearly dominated the championship. The Female Individual title was won by the title holder Nadia Zülow (GER) with Rubin’s Universe, with 8.857 points. Silver went to Nicola Stroh (GER) with 8.514 pts and bronze to the French Maud Bousignac with 8.318 pts.

The three 1999 medal winners of the Male Individual titles reiterated their exploit, and almost in the same order! Matthias Lang (FRA) with Farceur Breceen HN, kept the gold with 8.860 pts, followed by former bronze medallist Kai Vorberg (GER) with 8.657 pts and Gero Meyer (GER), who took the bronze with 8.455 pts.