Euro Update: Year End Interview with the Dressage World

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, Eurodressage asked several international riders, judges and journalists to review their year briefly and highlight what they considered the most important evolutions and happenings in their personal and professional life.

Leslie Morse considered the injury of Kingston and her participation at the World Equestrian Games with Tip Top, the most important event in her life this year. "I had 2 of the biggest events of my life in the same year: 1. Kingston's injury - feelings of devastation, fear, responsiblity, heartbreak, emptiness, and the true realization that I do this because of the love I have for him and everything he brings to my life. 2. Tip Top representing the USA in World Cup and WEG. -The feelings of honor, pride, adjustment, excitement, nervousness, the need to be protective of him, elation, dissappointment, and achievement," she told Eurodressage.

Catherine Haddad, short listed rider for the U.S. WEG team, mentioned that, "I value good riding and good horsemanship, therefore the sporting successes of both Andreas Helgstrand with Matine and Isabell Werth with Satchmo were proof to me that these values are worth pursuing. I believe in the power of truth, positive thinking and personal integrity; getting to know the US Team riders was an honor and a learning experience for me. The show at Elmlohe where being part of the team was uplifting, energizing and inspiring."

When asked what Joep Bartels, creator of the World Cup Finals, would like to see changed in the dressage world in 2007, he replied, " A lot! Young talents beating the oldies in Grand Prix, more discussion among trainers, judges and riders, the revival of the Dressage Nations Cup, better prize money, new dressage countries threatening Germany and Holland."

Mary Phelps, founder of Horsesdaily and Dressagedaily, highlighted the USEF/Markel National Young Horse Championships as most important event of the year. "Aside from the obvious, the World Equestrian Games, for me personally it was the Markel/USEF Dressage Young Horse Championships. As a sponsor and also the photographer, it is exciting to see the impact and growth of a program we were involved from it's inception, to see all the talented horses and riders, and enthusiastic breeders benefit from this in the USA. This program makes me very proud."

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