Euro Update: Windsor Gets 2009 European Dressage Championships

The Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), the governing body of equestrian sport, has announced that Windsor has been selected to host the European Jumping and Dressage Championships in the Royal Windsor Horse Show grounds in 2009.

This is the second senior combined continental championships ever to be held and will bring together two of the three equestrian Olympic disciplines, three years before London 2012. It is expected that the world?s top names will appear in both disciplines and the event will be a major celebration of horsesport.

This means that two major equestrian events will take place in the private grounds of Windsor Castle in 2009. The Royal Windsor Horse Show will occupy its normal dates in May and the European Jumping and Dressage Championships will be scheduled for late summer. (Read More)

New Zealand Haydee Wells-Parmenter's European Stint

It all happened by accident. After training with European star coach Jean Bemelmans at his home base in Krefeld near Cologne/Germany for one year, Kiwi dressage rider Haydee Wells-Parmenter already had booked her ticket home to Auckland when one week before Easter 2006 someone else took a flight of a different kind, and everything changed for her.

Her horse Rubinstar had become unsound, and she had given him into good hands and wrapped up everything else, when Dr. Britta Schoeffmann, an acquaintance at the stable where Haydee had her apartment, took a nasty fall off her youngster and injured her knee. Grounded for weeks to come, Schoeffmann asked Haydee, who had already helped her out lounging one of her horses, if she would ride both her horses – the then eleven-year-old, Grand-Prix-trained Hanoverian mare La Picolina (a.k.a. “Liese”) and the five-year-old youngster Courbière (a.k.a. “Buffalo”) -- for as long as her injury would take to heal. So the young rider changed her mind about going home, cancelled her ticket – and planned to stay for another six to ten weeks. (Read More)

Hanoverian Society Focuses on Approval for all German Breed Areas

At its meeting on February 1, 2007, the Board of Directors of the German Hanoverian Society has made an important decision: The 18 honorary representatives agreed unanimously that the Hanoverian Society should focus on its approval for all German breed areas. This decision is subject to the acceptance of the Delegates' Conference on March 28. Following the approval for the Saxony-Anhalt breed society and the fusion with the Hessen regional breeding district, this is certainly another important step for the future development of the Hanoverian Society. The amendment of the Animal Breeding Law already specifies that local representations of the Hanoverian Society have to be established in other parts of Germany to care for the breeders there. This will facilitate the whole breeding work tremendously.

At the same time, foreign breeders in the United States who are not registered with a Hanoverian subsidiary should have the chance to apply for a direct membership. High export rates entailed many inquiries from foreign countries and the desire to breeding Hanoverian horses there as well. This is also a consequence of the constantly growing Hanoverian community". (Read More)

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