Euro Update: Werth and Kemmer First in the German Olympic Race at 2008 CDI Hagen

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Isabell Werth and Heike Kemmer have made their intensions clear that they want a spot on the German Olympic Dressage Team. At the first German Olympic Selection Trial at Hof Kasselmann in Hagen, Germany, the two ladies won the big tour classes and scored magical mid seventies percentage marks. Isabell Werth even came close to the Grand Prix Special World Record with a 79% score.

Aboard Madeleine Winter-Schulze's Hanoverian gelding Satchmo, Werth won the Grand Prix for Special and Special in a field of the best German and international competitors. Riding her horse with textbook soft contact with the bit, Werth presented a majestic Satchmo who looked fresh, happy and relaxed in even the most difficult movements of the test. Only in the Special did the passage loose some impulsion, but the ride was clean and outstanding. Heike Kemmer and her Hanoverian gelding Bonaparte (by Bon Bonaparte) won the freestyle tour. For her Beach Boys' Good Vibrations freestyle, Kemmer scored 75.700%. (View Scores)

Bianca Kasselmann Wins 2008 German Championships for Professional Dressage Riders

At the 2008 CDI Hagen, Bianca Kasselmann won the German Championship for Professional Dressage Riders. It is the first time she won the national title, though she has been top placed on numerous occassions. Kasselmann placed second in the Grand Prix, won the Special and reigned in the finals with horse change. Aboard Forum Zwei, Rittersport las Marismas and Capuccino D, Mrs Kasselmann scored the most points overall. Silver medal went to one of Hof Kasselmann's stable riders Stefanie Kerner. The extremely talented young dressage rider could easily have won as well had the judges been a bit more generous in the finals. The bronze was for the former young rider Julia Katharina von Platen. (View Scores)

Viegaard Stutteri to Hold Sport Horse Auction in Denmark on May 3, 2008

Viegaard Stutteri repeats their success from last year by holding again their annual auction of Danish riding horses. The 2008 Viegaard Stutteri Auction features a collection of 50 carefully selected sport horses horses. The collection ranges from young horses to fully educated Grand Prix horses and includes three breeding stallions. The collection offers dressage horses as well as show jumpers. The catalogue can be downloaded on where videos are also available. Auction horses can be tested on appointment from 27th April until 2nd May both days inclusive.

Viegaard Stutteri is one of Denmark's largest breeding farms with an impressive stock of 700 horses, amongst them 140 broodmares and 10 breeding stallions. At the auction there will be entertainment as well as a show presentation of the Viegaard stallions

Viegaard deals much with the United States. It's number one breeding stallion Come Back II is partly owned by Florida's Carol Cohen, while American Grand Prix rider Tina Konyot is currently campaigning Viegaard's Calecto V in the States. (View auction info)

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