Euro Update: Lars Petersen Withdraws as Danish Olympic Team Candidate


Legacy Farm's Lars Petersen is no longer in the running for a place on the Danish Olympic Dressage Team. In spite of their recent stellar performance at Raleigh CDI in the Grand Prix Freestyle, the 43-year old American based Dane has withdrawn himself from Olympic contention because of unfeasible logistics. Petersen was in the running for a Danish team place with his own 14-year old Danish warmblood gelding Success (by Silver Moon) but felt that the time schedule was too tight for his horse to comfortably settle down in Europe for the Danish Olympic selection trials. "Succes is a very spooky horse and since the timing didn't work, we were only able to get one show in Europe before the CDIO Aachen [Final Danish Olympic Selection Trial] and didn't feel that was ideal," Lars Petersen's partner Melissa Taylor told Eurodressage. "Also, our other trainer,broke his leg, so that put a little stress on Lars leaving his business."Managing their business is a big obligation with a barn full of horses and students in both their Pennsylvania and Florida locations. And there is another good reason for Petersen to settle in to the USA for the summer. Melissa Taylor and her own Dacardo have qualified for the Intermediaire Championships at the Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Dressage Festival of Champions being held in San Juan Capistrano later this month. (Read More)

Offield's European Summer Short-Circuited Due to Injured Lingh

American Grand Prix rider Karin Offield saw her European summer short circuited due to an injured Lingh. Offield travelled to The Netherlands to train with Anky van Grunsven this summer and compete at the European international shows, but her 15-year old Dutch warmblood stallion Lingh sustained an injury and is sidelined for the moment. Offield had planned to compete at the CDIO Rotterdam, June 18-22, 2008."I am disappointed to have to tell you that Lingh will not be fit to show at Rotterdam this summer. He will be resting and walking to allow an injury time to heal," Offield explained. "Since arriving in Holland I suspected that there was something not correct, but he is tricky because he gives you 120% of himself, every time, no matter what. He had a lot of easy days until I took him for diagnostics. We are all very very disappointed. As usual he is happy as a horse can be and not in any pain."
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German Championships: Tough Race for the Gold for Werth
Only because she put down such a good performance in the Grand Prix, was Isabell Werth able to win gold again at the German Dressage Championships in Balve, Germa,y. Aboard Warum Nicht she won the first round of the Championships with 76.500% (Grand Prix). In the Kur, however, it went wrong in the noisy Balve arena where Warum Nicht spooked heavily and was unfocused the entire ride. Werth landed an 8th spot (!!) with 74.200%. The two scores totalled together, it was still enough for gold. In Germany two sets of medals are given: to the male and female dressage riders. Matthias Alexander Rath won the gold in the male division. (View Scores - Photo Report)

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