A Euro Touch in Orlando, Florida at the Highlife Farms American Breeders & Trainers Sporthorse Auction

In their first ever auction, presented by Jeff Marsh and his team of Eurosport Sporthorse Auction, beautifully prepared and presented horses were sold with a special touch, giving a rose and bottle of champagne to each buyer of their horses. The Highlife staff worked hard to assure things ran smoothly, and everyone was treated royally. Even some of the staff were seen bidding on their favorite horses.

There were also other horses consigned in the sale, and for those who came, there were some very exiting deals to be had. “This is an excellent opportunity,” said Anne Gribbons who attended the sale, “for breeders to work together to develop a venues for buyers to have a large selection of horses in one place.”

Anne Gribbons was ecstatic about the venue, and there to support the sale. “We need more of this sort of thing in our country for the American Breeder.” said Gribbons, who added she plans to write about the sale and the need in her a column for the Chronicle of the Horse. The Poulin women, sisters Kate and Gwen came with their Mom Sharon looking for broodmares for their stallion. They admitted they should have done more research prior to the sale. “We were so busy with shows and our own symposium with Christophe Hess, we did not get the chance to come and check out all the horses.” said Gwen. “Had we done so, I have seen several horses here which we would have bid on.”