Euro News - Christian Bruhe In Pursuit of Excellence in Business and Dressage

For German born Grand Prix rider Christian Brühe the pursuit of excellence in the business world as well as the dressage arena has turned him into a multi-faceted Renaissance man. While building his company Uniplan into a global player in the live communication business, Brühe has also set his sights on breaking through in the dressage world and making it to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The 51-year old Cologne based entrepreneur is one of very few high performance dressage riders, who combine a full-time job in corporate business with an international riding career. "Life is more interesting, when you pull your socks up a bit. I have to admit I do love excellence and beauty," said Brühe, who is also a devoted modern art collector. "I want to go for the Olympics and nothing else. It is the same with Uniplan. We want it to become the number one in our field."

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