Equita Lyon, CSI-W 5* International Show-jumping

Bosty: a first with Myrtille!

Saturday 3 November 2012 - Certain successes are sweeter than others. Bosty's win on Saturday evening at Equita delighted the 6,000 spectators, who witnessed incredible drama unfold before their eyes with a series of amazing rounds. Pénélope Leprévost and Nayana tried their utmost, but to no avail. They managed a superb second place just ahead of Rölf-Goran Bengtsson, the world number one, who was riding Carusso la Silla.

Two weeks ago in Helsinki, Roger-Yves Bost and his mare Myrtille Paulois stunned several thousand Finnish spectators by winning the World Cup stage there. But a champion particularly wants to share this kind of victory with his home crowd... and so he did it again at the Equita'Masters. "It's the first time I've won in France with Myrtille; usually, I win in Finland or Germany, but today my success was a little less confidential," joked Bosty. "I know that my horse is really fast and she is on form here in Lyon; the hard thing is not to lose control. Myrtille is very dynamic and has a lot of energy. In the jump-offs, she goes looking for the obstacles."  

The drawback is that after this kind of incredible race, horses can lose their concentration, which could be a problem for Sunday: "We'll see how she is tomorrow morning, but if everything is OK, she'll jump in the World Cup competition. In fact, when I try to go fast, she sees that I'm crazier than her so she stops pulling. Actually, she becomes even easier to ride. This happened in Dublin and she finished 5th in the Grand Prix the next day."

With four foreign winners since the event was created, Bosty is the first French rider to win the prestigious Equita'Masters by Equidia Life: "It's always nice to win on a Saturday evening in France, and against a dozen of the best riders in the world. It's really a great class, and I was lucky enough to have competed in it once before. I'm proud to give France this first victory."

Completed results: http://results.scgvisual.com/2012/lyon/r14.html. Equita'Masters presented by Equidia Life