Equine Journalist Diana De Rosa Named President of American Horse Publications

Diana De Rosa with past president Pat Trowbridge after her presidency was announced.

Diana De Rosa with past president Pat Trowbridge after her presidency was announced. (Photo: Diana De Rosa Photography)

Equine journalist Diana De Rosa, and the author of this column, was named president of the American Horse Publications at its annual seminar, held in Orlando, June 17-18. The following is the acceptance speech given after that announcement was made. The goal of this speech was and is to spread the word about this wonderful organization. Here is that message:

I was supposed to take the president title last year but didn’t feel I was ready. It wasn’t because I didn’t feel I have the skills to be president but more because when I do something, I like to put my whole heart and soul into it. I like to know that when that position ends in a year from now that somehow I will leave the De Rosa stamp.

When I was invited on the board many years ago I came on wondering what it would be like and curious to see if this would be an active group or one where some and not all do the work. Wow, was I impressed at that first meeting seeing how everyone gets involved. We debate issues, decide what’s best for the board, take on duties and follow through. So, in the end you can be sure that any decisions we make don’t come lightly.

So, in thinking about what I wanted to say, it was simply that I love this organization and what it offers and I want more people to know about it. So, that’s my goal and that’s my request to all of you. Help me, help us spread the word. Let’s get more people to join and share.

If you have any kind of database or are involved in social media and would be willing to send out our news please reach out to me, to us. We’ll provide you with the information, all we ask is that you share it.

I often think of the American Horse Publications as the cheapest PR firm you will ever find anywhere if you want to reach the key media and businesses in the horse world. Where else can you send out a press release to a targeted equine audience of businesses and services every single month? Where else can you come each year to meet with other likeminded people in the horse world and network? And where else can you showcase your equine skills as a writer or photographer in an awards program?

The more people that join, the more we will all benefit. So, help me, help you by getting the word out.

When I come to this annual meeting each year, I feel like I am coming home. I’ve done so much so far in my career from covering my 8th Olympic Games this year as well as numerous Pan Am Games and every World Equestrian Games. As the owner of an equine focused PR company called Press Link I’ve handled some of the best events in the world from Dreamworks and Fox movies, to working at World Equestrian Games and numerous other major events such as the National Horse Show, Washington International, Hampton Classic, World Cups and so much more. I met and worked for the late Christopher Reeve for the last 8 years of his life because of horses and I’ve traveled to over 30 countries because of this craft. My latest venture is with the EQUUS Film Festival, a place where only equine focused films are shown and with a new and upcoming cartoon character call Li’l Herc, the horse that helps children face tough times in their lives.

Horses are my life and my passion and while I don’t know everyone in this room. I do know many of you and hope to continue to make new friends, because you are my family. To take on the title of president and be surrounded by all of you is the best gift I can be given.

So, thank you AHP for trusting me enough to bestow this honor on me and thank you to those of you in the audience who I’ve worked with and will continue to work with and to those that I don’t know please take the time to say hi. And with that I only ask for one thing for this next year. And that is to help me grow the membership of this organization.

Reach out to me, let’s network. I want to hear from each and every one of you. Help me, help you. We are a family and so let’s make this family bigger and better over this next year and for years to come.

For more about the American Horse Shows Association, visit their website and to touch base with the new president contact her at dderosa1@optonline.net.