The Equestrians

You have made your wishes known: Overwhelmingly, the equestrian community wants to keep the Winter Equestrian Festival at its current location, provided it can be enhanced and expanded. It can! To make that happen, your support – as members of the Society – is urgently needed … now. Membership dollars will fund our immediate response should attempts be made to move the Festival. Time is of the essence. We are ready to move quickly. The Society is prepared – with your membership support – to take legal or other appropriate actions in the event anyone announces that they are going to abandon you or these show grounds. We wish to make it perfectly clear that if anyone tries to move the show grounds, we are prepared to go to court and stop them.

Become a member of The Society! Complete the form below and mail or fax to us. Or, join online at Join today! And be sure to check our Web page often for up-to-date and accurate information!

The Equestrians’ Preservation Society is a newly formed nonprofit organization and will soon apply to the IRS for recognition of tax-exempt status as a charitable organization described in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Upon recognition of the Society by the IRS, contributions to the Society will be deductible fir federal income tax purposes, retroactive to the date of the Society’s formation. Receipts and acknowledgment letters will be issued to the members at that time. For more information, visit

Annual Membership Levels

  • Circle One: Sustaining Member: $10,000 Bronze Medal Member: $200
  • Gold Medal Member: $5,000 Student Member: $25
  • Silver Medal Member: $1,000