Equestrian Professional's Next Free Webinar: Smart Marketing Practices for Horse Professionals - The Real Secret to Increased Customer Satisfaction and Horse Business Growth

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Summary: Studies show that the most successful way for a business to grow is to focus 60% of their marketing resources on their current customers, 30% on potential customers and only 10% on mass marketing. At first, that may sound a bit backwards. Why would you market to customers you already have, especially if you are trying to grow your business? This class will explain how certain types of marketing can both add value to your current customers and become a powerful source of new customers.

Date: Monday August 13, 2012
Time: 6:00 pm Pacific 8:00 Central 9:00 Eastern
Format: Attend via your phone or computer
Duration: 45 minutes to 1 Hour including Q&A
Speakers: Elisabeth McMillan and Chad Mendell

You will learn:
• How to use marketing to educate and build a passionate, committed customer base - Educated customers tend to place a higher value on your services and are better able to communicate your value to potential customers

• Specific marketing strategies that speak to both current clients and attract new clients - You'll learn which marketing tools provide the best return for horse professionals both in time and financial investment.

• Ways to improve your customers' buying experience - A positive buying experience will not only increase your success in terms of sales, it will encourage repeat business and facilitate powerful word of mouth marketing.

• Steps to create a good follow-up strategy for both current and potential customers - A good follow-up system increases customer satisfaction and keeps you in the minds of potential customers. So that, when they are ready to move forward, you are their first choice.

The majority of strategies that will be discussed in this webinar will be low cost and free tools. Horse business marketing does not need to be expensive to be effective!

This seminar is free to all horse professionals and can be attended live via phone or computer. Attendees can ask question during the live event. Our webinars can fill quickly. Sign Up Today!