Equestrian Professional’s Next Horse Business Webinar - “How Good Riders Get Good – A Lifetime of Insights With Denny Emerson”

Somewhere between art, science, sport and business lies the career of a professional equestrian. Some professionals build their careers and businesses around their skills as riders and others as teachers. Whichever path is chosen, there are many career defining choices along the way. It is these choices that Denny Emerson, author of “How Good Riders Get Good” and USEA Hall of Fame inductee will discuss at Equestrian Professional’s next horse business webinar.

Date: October 17th
Topic: How Good Riders Get Good - A Lifetime of Insights With Denny Emerson
Speaker: Denny Emerson
Time: 5:00 pm Pacific  7:00 Central  8:00 Eastern
Format: Simulcast - attend via your phone or computer
Duration: 45 minutes

Denny Emerson’s success in the Eventing world is legendary. However, what many people don’t realize is the diversity of his career. Named “One of the 50 Most Influential Horseman of the 20th Century” by Chronicle of the Horse, Denny started out riding western on his first pony. Then he learned about the GMHA 100-mile Competitive Trail Ride and became interested in distance riding. During this time he also competed Morgan horses. It wasn’t until his late teens that he attended a three day event as a spectator and knew he had found his calling. He is the only equestrian in the world to have won both a Tevis Cup buckle and a Gold Medal in International Eventing.

It’s not easy to build a career as a professional equestrian. It takes money, discipline, talent and opportunity. In his book, “How Good Riders Get Good” Denny discusses seven critical areas of choice that riders (of all disciplines) must examine in order to become “good.” The book also includes perspectives from 23 top riders from a variety of disciplines including dressage, reining, driving, show jumping, endurance, natural horsemanship and eventing.

At Equestrian Professional’s live webinar, Denny will discuss live and in person some of the most important crossroads in a professional equestrian’s career. How Good Riders Get Good – A Lifetime of Insights With Denny Emerson” will help professionals discover the criteria necessary for making good decisions for both their own riding and professional careers and for their customers.

This webinar is free to all horse professionals but you must register to attend. To learn more about this event please go to http://www.equestrianprofessional.com/public/1101.cfm or visit www.EquestrianProfessional.com

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