Endel Ots Continues Riding to Success and Endorses Choice of Champions For Keeping His Horses in Top Showing Condition

Endel Ots is now sponsored by Choice of Champions International
Endel Ots is now sponsored by Choice of Champions International

Wellington, FL – 2011 Pan Am Games alternate Endel Ots has joined the long list of top level equestrians who have found the many benefits of using Choice of Champions supplements. Choice of Champions International specializes in producing supplements designed to aid sport horses, and Ots attributes many of his accomplishments this year to his horses being able to handle the stress of travel and staying in top showing condition while on the road, thanks to these highly researched products. “There have been many times this season that I’ve been so grateful to have Ulser Shield for my horses,” Ots explained. “Especially when shipping the horses that are a bit higher strung and get stressed easily, it calms their digestive tract and makes it easier for them to handle these situations.” Ots also highly recommended Choice of Champions supplements to the many people who traveled to attend his clinics held around the country this season.

“Choice of Champions supplements really help all horses who are entering new and potentially stressful situations, like horses in training who are learning new things and being introduced to situations and new places for the first time,” he added. Ots added that he has experienced the most success on his own horses by using the Choice of Champions’ three-phase supplement regime, which includes Super Joint Solution, Ulser Shield and Lung Aid.

Allyn Maix, owner of Choice of Champions, is excited that Ots is experiencing the benefits of this combination of products. “Many of our clients are combining Super Joint Solution, Ulser Sheild and Lung Aid on their upper level horses and the results are wonderful,” Maix said. She explains that Super Joint Solution is a unique liquid that repairs joint damage and is absorbed right into the horse’s mouth. It helps horses stay free of soreness and stiff joints in all parts of their bodies. “The Super Joint Solution has a very high milligram content of a complete combination of things beneficial for joints. Many riders have found they no longer have to inject thanks to Super Joint Solution,” commented Maix.

Ulser Shield is a supplement that promotes the horse’s digestion and nutrient absorption.  Ulser Shield is an acid suppressant, mucosal protective and top dressing for horses prone to ulcers. “High performance horses produce a lot of acid when they are working or traveling, and acid can cause stomach ulcers,” Maix explaind. Used in a daily feeding program, Ulser Shield can prevent severe cases of ulcers.

Lung Aid is a comprehensive conditioner for the lungs that promotes equine respiratory health. “It also helps competitive horses recover faster from intensive training and competing,” continued Maix. “Lung Aid contains vitamins and antioxidants designed to help horses fight off infections, increase endurance, increase lung capacity and boost the immune system.” She continued, “On long distance travel, it protects the horse’s immune system with an added benefit in places like a quarantine or flying with many horses in close quarters.” Maix added that she’s thrilled to have Ots’ endorsement, “I’m so glad that Endel is having so much success with his own horses!” she said.

Endel Ots has a highly successful track record. Starting his career at a very young age, he has finished two horses to Grand Prix, was named the alternate for the US Dressage Team at the 2011 Pan Am Games, and has had numerous regional and national awards, including: 2008 wins at the Dressage at Devon CDI in Intermediare 1 and Intermediare 1 Freestyle; 2008 USDF Prix St. Georges Horse of the Year with Bentley; and 2009 Region 2 Great American Regional Champion of Prix St. George, Intermediare I Freestyle on Playboy. Ots was also 2012 Reserve Champion USEF Developing Horse Grand Prix Championship on Agastrofos, a 10-year-old Swedish Warmblood (by Briar x Nocturne) owned by Taunia and David Reed.

Choice of Champions International, is based in Wellington, Florida, and produces a full line of supplements designed to fit the needs of a variety of horses that compete in many different disciplines. Maix encourages horse owners, riders and trainers to try their products. Free samples are available by visiting the website http://www.choiceofchamps.com/ or calling 1-800-868-1077.