Emmy Adwers and Martinique - The Wall Street Rider

Win the Darla Lynn Schwark Memorial High Point Award for Fourth Level Amateur at Devon

For Emmy Adwers, a full time job as an analyst specializing in high technology stocks on Wall Street is not particularly conducive to a riding career, let alone preparing to compete among some of the country's top horses and riders in the fourth level division at Dressage at Devon. With the event, just two weeks after the tragic events which occurred in America, and New York City, the challenges took on an entirely new dimension.

"Everyone that came to Devon in all capacities demonstrated what we can do in times of peril. Winning the Darla Lynn Schwark Memorial Trophy holds extra meaning for me. It turns out that Darla was an amateur who worked in New York City and competed at 4th level at Devon before she passed away. It was a special connection. I am grateful to the Schwarks for creating this memorial award to recognize the efforts of Amateurs."

Emmy believes that any rider, especially an amateur who works 70-90 hours a week and travels 60% of the time, is only as good as his/her support system, including family, trainer, vet, farrier, groom and horse.

From New York City Emmy's husband Brad Adwers drives her to the New Jersey barn, which is a 3-4 hour round trip commute on the weekdays, while she continues to work from the passenger seat. And how does she balance home, work and intense riding? "I just take it day by day and know that those who support me care that I succeed."

Dr. Cesar Parra, forgoes time with his family to teach Emmy until 9pm at night. Dr. Parra continues to train and improve Emmy's horses while she travels for business. "Dr. Parra teaches me in the classical German tradition. His approach is positive and inspires me to rise to the occasion, even after 15 hours of work and 2 hours of driving!" Emmy said.

At horse shows, Dr. Parra coaches Emmy's every move, her husband helps with video and leg wraps, her father in law Dr. James Adwers photographs the event while his wife Mary wipes my boots and helps groom.

About Martinique

A week before her wedding, Emmy bought Martinique, an 8-year-old Swedish Warmblood gelding (by Magritte, out of Mathilda by Modesto), sight unseen from Sweden on the recommendation of Ulf Wadeborn, of Holmberg Wadeborn Dressage in California. Ulf has successfully selected all three of her horses. Lisa Schmidt trained Martinique and Emmy for their first year together in New York. Emmy joined Dr. Parra's training program in early July of 2001.

Riding History
Emmy has been riding dressage for 19 years. She started with Hilda Gurney, who later recommended Laurie Falvo Doyle. Doyle coached her to a team gold in the 1986 Young Riders Championships on Doyle's own horse Unguarded. Since 1985 Dietrich vonHopffgarten (of Langley Canada) has been her teacher and mentor. In 1991 Dietrich encouraged Emmy to go to graduate school, which led to her current career

"Along the way I figured if I always found a way to ride, no matter what I was doing for a living, then I would never have to give it up."

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