Ellen Bontje and Gestion Silvano N

Ellen Bontje rides for the Dutch dressage team and lives and works in Germany. She took over all the responsibilities of the Conrad Schumaker stable at Hofgut Neuhof, near Frankfurt. Ellen Bontje started her dressage career riding for Dutch International judge Nico van Stigt. The opportunity to groom and ride the horses of the late Olympic medallist Joseph Neckermann resulted in a move to Germany. The horses of Neckermann stayed in the Schumacher stables and that is how her own professional dressage career began.

Ellen Bontje also passed her professional rider's examination in Warendorf. Gestut Im Niedern is the owner of her talented horse Gestion Silvano N, an approved Holstein stallion active in various German studbooks such as Holstein, Hessen and Westphalia.

Silvano is a real athlete demonstrated by winning the German stallion showjumping competition as a five-year-old. Ellen Bonjie admires his presence in the arena and in his extraordinary movements.