Education First

Barbara Strawson - FEI Dressage Rider, Trainer, Instructor and Author

After high school, Barbara took some time off to be a working student. “My parents were okay with me taking time off, and actually suggested it. They wanted me to pursue my dreams.”  Once she started as a freshman at the University of Delaware, Barbara was well on her way to a successful riding career.  She continued to ride, show (which included a team bronze medal at the 1985 Young Rider Championships), and earn her B.A. in psychology by taking classes part-time, all while a working student at Five Star Farm.

“There are a lot of individual accomplishments that I am proud of. Probably most important was working full-time with horses while getting my college degree. That took a lot of determination.”

Barbara could see a strong link between what she learned in the classroom and what she observed at the barn. “Back then sports psychology wasn’t as popular in the horse world as it is today, but I was very interested in it. I like working with riders and the mental side of riding. Education is very important to riding. I also like the personal coaching field – to help people to organize their life and reach their goals.”

Barbara the Author