Eastern States Dressage and Centerline Events Announces FEI Adult Amateur Sweepstakes - Enter Now!

Centerline Events and ESDCTA has created the inaugural CDI 1* Adult Amateur Sweepstakes which will take place at both the ESDCTA CDI Allentown, May 23-26 2013 and CDI Saugerties, Aug 15-18, 2013. The CDI 1* will be open to all competitors but the Adult Amateurs will be eligible for additional special awards. Debra Reinhardt of Centerline Events along with Terry Masters, organizer of the ESDCTA CDI Allentown, conceived of this program expand the competitive options for FEI level Adult Amateur riders by encouraging their participation in CDI’s at the 1* level. There is a need in Dressage to level the playing field for FEI AA competitors while providing expanded competitive options and the thrill of participating in a CDI. Criteria and more information are available. Sponsorship opportunities for this flagship program are available, and DressageDaily is happy to jump on board.
See how you can enter

Come on all you Adult Amateurs, it’s time to take the plunge! A new Adult Amateur Sweepstakes has been introduced as a part of the CDI 1* at the Eastern States Dressage Memorial Weekend Show and the Centerline Events CDI Saugerties, Aug 15-18, 2013. Let’s hope that many of our FEI level Adult Amateur competitors take advantage of the opportunity to share in the Sweepstakes while sharing in the excitement of participating in a CDI. Entering a CDI 1* is much less complicated and expensive than entering a 3* but you do need to get your registration papers in order.

Here are some of the things you’ll need to know.
Complete the required applications. They’re quick, easy and inexpensive.

Links to these websites are also on the ESDCTA CDI website: esdcta.org/CDI/index.html
You should also take advantage of the extensive information available from the FEI on their very informative websites. All the information you ever wanted to know and much more can be found at www.FEI.org/disciplines/dressage/rules for complete dressage rules, movements, saddlery & dress etc. 

Information on Veterinary Inspections, required Equine Influenza Vaccination and Health requirements, Doping and Controlled medications and much more can be found at: www.fei.org/veterinary/vaccinations-and-health-requirements

So fill out your registration forms – takes only 5 minutes and get your vet started with the Equine Influenza Vaccinations and we’ll see you on Thursday May 23rd. There will be a Vet inspection and you’ll get yourself settled in for the show.

Then all you have to do is get yourself all prettied up for the Jog and the CDI Reception that follows. This is your chance to schmooze and have fun.

One last thing to remember, you can enter the CDI 1* and just do the PSG class. You don’t have to ride either the I-1 or the I-1 MFS if those levels aren’t yet part of your repertoire.   After your ride your CDI  PSG class on Friday you can enter open classes for the rest of the weekend.