Early Summer Brings New Life to Hampton Green Farm Breeding Facility

Hampton Green Farm is best known for its PRE horses in the dressage rings of Wellington and the Midwest. However, for the past seven years, HGF has operated a breeding program dedicated to developing a line of PRE horses for dressage competition. Its Breeding Policy states:
The HGF Breeding Program is based on a clear understanding of the morphological requirements that produce the functionality and dressage-suitability of a modern sport-horse breed.
Photo: Susan Sexton

HGF is unique in that its breeding stallions are not only champions in conformation and movement (with numerous awards from breed shows in Spain and the US, including Regional and National championships), but all are also actively competing in dressage at all levels through Grand Prix in the most competitive circuits.

“At this stage of the breed’s development, it was important to be able to show our buyers that we are not just saying it but doing it—that is, proving that our bloodlines can successfully compete against the best warmblood competition in the country,” says farm owner Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer. This past season, HGF presented two of their breeding stallions at Grand Prix in Wellington, with highlights including a number of second and third places in large open classes. Read More....