An E-Mail From Debbie and Brentina

After Debbie McDonald had a brilliant day in the Grand Prix Special moving into fourth place medal contention she took the time to send us an e-mail! “It certainly was what I thought it would be and more. To canter down the centerline in the Olympics is an amazing feeling. We had another great ride today and are in 4th now. I know that an individual medal will be a challenge and I will not go down without a fight! Robert also had a fabulous ride and is in sixth place overall. Gunter had a great ride and mad it to the freestyle as well. Thanks again for the support! God knows we all need it.”

Visualization Campaign
All fans of Brentina and Debbie are hereby requested to sit quietly on Tuesday evening to pray and visualize her on the medal podium where she deserves to be. McDonald just missed a medal at the World Equestrian Games to Ferrer Salat by a fraction of a percentage, and with their beautiful Freestyle and a consistent performance they can do it in Athens. (Mary Phelps,

After a nearly perfect ride in the Grand Prix Special, Debbie McDonald and Brentina have moved into fourth place, behind Ulla Salzgeber and Rusty, Anky Van Grunsven and Salinero, and Beatriz FERRER-SALAT and BEAUVALAIS.

As the wind whipped into the stadium at the Athens Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre, it was the undoing of many of the horses, including two unnerving spooks by the leader, Ulla Salzgeber and Rusty. This appeared to make him more tense and quick in the latter portion of his ride, dropping her leading score, but still clinging to the first place position for now. Van Grunsven and Salinero were put in a brilliant ride, which was rewarded by second, and Ferrer Salat also had a few mistakes. "On the Scene" at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games