Dutch WEG Dressage Shortlist


The following combinations are selected for the WEG Dutch team after CHIO Rotterdam. Anky Van Grunsven/ Bonfire, Ellen Bontje/ Silvano N, Coby Van Baalen/ Olympic Ferro, Gonnelien Rothenberger/ Leonardo Da Vinci, Sven Rothenberger/ Weyden and Leida Strijk/ Welcome. The final decision will be made 25th September.

Leida Strijk announced at the CHIO Rotterdam that she wanted to wait for one more year to make part of the team. Last time with Wempe Jewel, the selection for the team came too fast and the pressure wasn't healthy for horse or rider.

Sven Rothenberger also said that he didn't want to make part of the team. Jonggors Weyden (pictured left under Sven at the 1996 Olympic Equestrian Games) is not in top shape and his latest performances were a bit disappointing for Sven. "If I go to the World Equestrian Games, I go for a medal and not for a seventh or eight place", he replied.

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