Dutch Grab the Team Gold, British the Silver at WEG

Despite all misfortune the Dutch grabbed the team gold dressage at the sixth WEG, now Alltech WEG held in Lexington KY. The Dutch were not led away from their golden path and kept themselves the best together possible. After the unlucky disqualification of Jerich Parzival and Adelinde Cornelissen this morning, the scratch result was there and the job was on Moorlands Totilas and Edward Gal. Moorlands Totilas was greeted and welcomed like the most famous popstar all times. It looked like almost more people were surrounding the warming up arena than were waiting in the stadium to welcome the black stallion who is a living legend at time.


The pair knew their job and didn't disappoint the judges and crowd. The ultimate ten could be rewarded for several lectures like the halt before the reining back and the two pirouettes. "He was very eager to do his job and my job was just to steer, to give as less aids as possible and to relax him. I rode him lecture for lecture as always and my pressure was just normal, not more than normal", Edward Gal who stayed in the hotel this morning to concentrate and focus on the job commented afterwards. In his hotel he got to know about the misfortune that came over Adelinde and Jerich Parzival. "Too bad and it almost brought me to tears as well, but that doesn't help for the situation and I had to concentrate on my own job", Edward said. He concluded saying that history sure had been written now with the first ever gold team medal for the Netherlands, although being history with a dark cloud.

More pleasant surprises were in the air as British Laura Bechtolsheimer rode a personal record showing Mistral Hojris to its very best. Smooth, like all was done by its own free will, like the dressage reglement says, Mistral Hojris produced his test, without any hesitation. Going with the flow, powerful but both relaxed, at ease and willing, the splendid presentation brought up the score of 82,511% bringing the outrageous British team on silver medal position! A historical silver team medal as well for the British.

Although Isabell Werth and Warum Nicht had done the best they could for Germany, bringing a test more or less without mistakes, their score had been no more than 75,404%, good for the bronze medal position for the moment.

Competition was not over yet. The last ride was for the USA and it was the pair that surprised the world in Aachen 2009 and Las Vegas 2009, Steffen Peters and Dutch-bred Ravel. Just like Moorlands Totilas he lived up to expectations and did the best he could. Self concious, light at the bridle, he showed great extensions and a plesant overall image. However the brilliance of Mistral Hojris was out of his league and so the score was 78,596%. The best American result brought the pair to the third individual position and the American team missed the teambronze by 2,5%, becoming fourth.

It looks like dressage definitely has taken a new path. A path which shows brilliant horses not being dominated only, but pleasantly guided, looking like they do the ultimate just by own free will. making look the most difficult excercises a happy adventure and quite easy. Chairman of the judges Stephen Clarke complimented all riders, saying they had given the sport real sport, taking risks and leaving all doors wide open for more to come. He also gave Adelinde Cornelissen a big compliment. "It was almost like getiing my second heart attack by ringing the bell but I had no choice. Adelinde obviously was devastated but took it most graciously. She is a real professional", Clarke said. Which is a small comfort probably next to still winning the team gold medal.

Adelinde took her misfortune as a real professional. She also saw one silver lining: after Las Vegas she went home with a lame horse. Now she will go home with a happy healthy horse, she said.

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