Dueck Dressage Offers Siciliano Syndicate

Wellington based dressage trainer, Shannon Dueck has creatively made her way into the international dressage spotlight several times offer the past decade. She is best known for top victories as a member of the Canadian Equestrian Team. As a member of the CET, Dueck won an individual silver medal at the Pan Am Games, won the Canadian World Cup League Finals and was the top placing Canadian rider at the World Equestrian Games. Like all international riders, the key to Dueck’s success lies in combining her skills with those of a talented equine partner. Dueck has trained all of her FEI partners from the time they were three or four years old. She has purchased young prospects outright and also been involved with successful syndication partnerships.

In 2003, Dueck relocated to Wellington, Florida where she now runs her very successful Dueck Dressage training center. A dual citizen, Dueck now has her sights set on competing for the United States. She is currently developing several talented horses that are just on the verge of their FEI careers. Over the past few months, Dueck has also had a spectacular Grand Prix contender, Siciliano 2, at her facility for training and sale consignment.

Dueck sees the potential in Siciliano to be a competitive team horse for the U.S. in the near future. While she continues to offer Siciliano for sale, Dueck is also offering a syndication opportunity on Siciliano. “We are calling it the Siciliano Syndicate” says Dueck with a tongue in cheek grin, “It’s not exactly the Sopranos but it could be a major hit”. Actually Dueck is offering a rare opportunity for parties interested in international dressage to purchase the horse in part or as a sole owner. Dueck has experience with private syndication partnerships and has also researched 501-c-3 options.

Syndication is not new to the horse world. It is a common practice in Thoroughbred racehorses and Arabians, but many people do not realize the growing number of successful syndication arrangements that are currently active in the sport horse world. In fact, Karen O’Connor has kept the amazing dream with Theodore O’Connor alive via syndicate.

Dueck hopes that participation in the Siciliano syndicate will provide the parties involved with the opportunity to experience the sport at the highest level, contribute to the development of dressage in the U.S. and enjoy the sport’s top competitions from a VIP owner’s unique ringside perspective. Siciliano is showing great promise. Interested parties are encouraged to act quickly as Siciliano is currently being actively offered for sale.

For details about the Siciliano Syndicate please contact Shannon Dueck at dueckdressage.com or call 561-723-1374.