DressageTrainingOnline.com Welcomes Walter Zettl to it Featured Line Up!

DressageTrainingOnline.com welcomes Walter Zettl to it's regularly featured line up of trainers! Watching this video will make it clear how quiet your aids can be...Walter Zettl teaching Para-Olympian, Lauren Barwick, will prove this! This video will prove to you that whispering your aids is effective! Our Para-Olympian Grade II rider, has no lower body mobility enabling you to see her perfectly demonstrate the use of her weight aids. Mr. Zettl stresses the need for preparation prior to asking for a transition, you will understand how to think about preparing your own horse. 

Walter Zettl is a German dressage rider and Olympic-level dressage horse trainer. Zettl became the youngest person ever to be awarded the German Federation Gold Riding Medal, for success in upper level dressage and jumping for a single competitive season. In 1952, he was selected to compete for Germany's dressage team in the Helsinki Summer Olympics, but was ruled to be a professional rider and therefore ineligible. In 1953 Walter Zettl was chosen to succeed Otto Loerke and Willi Schultheis as trainer at Gestuet Vornholz. In 1955, he earned his formal Reitlehrer certification as a riding coach, and began training young champions while continuing to compete himself. He won several awards in the Bavarian Dressage Championships and the Salzburg International Jumping Grand Prix on a horse he rode for the first time.

In 1981, he moved to Canada, where he served as Managing Director of the Canadian I.E.S.S. owned by Hans and Eva Maria Pracht. During his years in Canada he coached the young riders dressage team from Ontario which subsequently went on to win three consecutive team gold medals, one individual gold medal, two individual silver medals and one individual bronze medal at the North American Continental Young Riders Championships. In 1984 at the Los Angeles Summer Olympics he served as the dressage coach to the 3-day event Canadian team. Walter Zettl has been a Canadian citizen since 1987 and today he teaches students across the globe.   
New Video - Para-Olympian training session. Mr. Zettl leads us through this training session with Lauren Barwick as they work on creating more response and sensitivity with her horse. He emphasizes an active hind leg and uses trot, almost walk, to trot transitions to create this. The rider is encouraged to do this with a gentle connection and soft hands, always remembering to half halt and let go. He suggests using shoulder in or renvere to get the horse using the hind leg...which ever he does better and has more engagement within. Focus is on canter/walk transitions aiming to achieve fluid balanced transitions.    
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New Video - Training Level Basics. This video with Walter Zettl works on the basics- establishing an elastic and subtle contact with the horse. He asks the rider to encourage her horse to stretch into the contact while keeping an active hind leg. He asks the rider to think be active, be ready, in the walk, so that she can ask for what ever is next and the horse is prepared. In this section they work on getting a good gait with activity and balancing that with correct contact. They move into a bit of leg yield work and then into transitions, again to activate the hind end. Walk halt transitions moving into canter work. Focus on canter transitions. Zettl reiterates to the rider the need to keep the contact when asking for the canter.
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