DressageTrainingOnLine.com Now Featuring 2007 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention University Sessions

As the sole partner to the USDF, chosen exclusively to deliver their sponsored content via the Internet, we now have the 2007 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention live and available to DressageTrainingOnline.co members. If you were unable to attend then it is a wealth of information focused on horse health that is absoulutely invaluable. The topics were, "Alternative Therapies", "Conformation and it's influence on Lameness in the Horse", "Impact of Arena Footing on Soundness", "New Concepts in Equine Lameness: Thinking Outside the Box", "New Technologies in Diagnosis and Treatment of Lameness in the Dressage Horse", "Preserving the Foundation: An In-Depth Look at Hoof Care", "Functional Feeding: Maximizing Health and Performance", "Complete Rehabilitation and Preventative Care for the Equine Athlete", "Conditioning the Dressage Horse", "Sport Horse Potpourri: What Your Performance Horse Wants You To Know", "Understanding the USEF/FEI Medication Rules: How not to get your horse to test positive!", "Performance Partners through Pilates".

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* 12 educational sessions from the 2007 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention, which can be found under the "Specialty Content" tab
* Attend the German Oldenburg Foal Auction which can also be found under the "Specialty Content" tab of DressageTrainingOnline.com....
* 9 new training videos (Bernard Maurel, FEI O Judge, Tuny Page, Nancy Later , Jean Bemelmans and Catherine Haddad)

Videos coming in April

* Hilda Gurney-USA, Level-3rd/M
* Hilda Gurney-USA, Judging Commentary, Level-1st/A
* Marlene Schneider-USA, Juding Commentary, Level-2nd/M
* Alex Gerding-USA, Level-2nd/M
* Alex Gerding-USA, Level-PSG/S
* Catherine Haddad-USA, Understanding the Flying Change
* Catherine Haddad-USA, Fitting and Usage of the Double Bridle
* Martin Schaudt-GER, Level-4th/M
* Katrin Bettenworth-GER, Level-I2/S