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With the chilly winter weather beginning to set in, it is time to snuggle up to your computer and explore this valuable website, DressageTrainingOnline.com, where you can improve your riding and increase your knowledge. Watch listen and learn as the most talented of trainers, riders and judges worldwide, share with you their knowledge of training and development that have helped create their success. Watch computerside! No buying or renting of videos. Access hundreds via a low monthly membership fee, over 200 streamed training videos, available anytime, all the time, by becoming a member of DressageTrainingOnline.com.

Check out the free mini clip of Aachen Freestyles!

Janet Brown Foy, FEI I Judge, USEF S Judge, gives scores and commentary on a 4 yr. old, championship test. If you have a young horse, this is highly educational in understanding what the judge would like to see. Add this knowledge to your daily training and see your rides improve.

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg-AUT, Arthur works with a GP/S level horse in hand, using this program to improve the piaffe and passage. If you are looking for ways to improve your P & P, watch a master at work.

Katrin Bettenworth-GER, Katrin works with her assistant on a 7 yr. old, preparing to show 2nd/M level. Watch as they do a test run of this test, after which Katrin focuses on the specific areas of the test requiring improvement.

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg-AUT, Arthur works with a student at 2nd/M level, focus heavily on rider position and then moves into walk pirouettes.

Hilda Gurney-USA, Hilda works with her student at 4th/S level on the changes and tempi's. Hilda talks at length about proper contact in the hand and the importance of longitudinal connection.

Marlene Schneider-USA, USEF S Judge, Marlene gives us scores and in depth commentary on 2 Intermediare II tests. If you are preparing for an FEI ride, you should be watching this to further your understanding of how the judge views movements and gaits at this level. (2 videos)

Chrissa Hoffmann-USA, Chrissa rides and works with her student at Training/E level. This young horse attends one of his first shows. Chrissa works with him, sensitizing him to the new surroundings and putting a proper warm up on him, after which the rider/student is able to do a practice test and focus on last minute areas of development, trying to ensure good scores for her ride the following day.

Don't miss the Aachen, 2008 and Aachen, 2008, 2nd Annual Elite Auction, with full commentary, allowing the viewer to not only see an auction, but understand what they are looking for, from the eyes of a seasoned, trainer and buyer.

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