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Nancy Later and "S" Infinity - A Star is Born

“You are a very lucky girl to be sitting on this horse.” commented judge, Axel Steiner. Dominating the USEF/Markel Five-Year-Old Classes in Florida with Nancy Later in the saddle is Weiss Family Chiropractic’s "S"Infinity, the exciting young gelding by former FEI Young Horse Champion, Sandro Hit. Winning both Young Horse classes at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, and at the 2006 Zada Enterprises, LLC WEF Dressage Classic, the dynamic duo have begun their quest for a National title.

The interesting part of the Young Horse classes, is that the three judges who sit together in the same booth contribute to the score, while one judge is the spokesperson for them on the microphone. Axel Steiner proved to be very entertaining at the 2006 Zada Enterprises, LLC WEF Dressage Classic, eloquently interpreting for his colleagues the general impressions while explaining the qualities and performance important to this division. Given a 9.0 for his trot work, a 7.5 for his walk, and an 8.0 for his “uphill” canter work, the young five-year-old scored an 8.5% for potential, qualifying him for both the FEI Young Horse Selection Trials, and the USEF/Markel National Young Horse Championships. “This is a horse we can all imagine in a double bridle and doing well in a few years.” Steiner concluded. “Take good care of this nice young horse.”

And he couldn't be in better hands. Nancy Later, who recenty purchased her own farm in Loxahatchee, Florida, has experienced both the Euopean show world, as well as the day to day management of top quaility horses in her training barn. She knows what is in best interest of both her clients and their horses.

“He is a very exciting horse to ride with a great work ethic and a ton of talent.” added Nancy. “He just needs experience in the ring now, which he has been getting this season.”

For owner Dr. Cetty Weiss, having a horse of this caliber is the culmination of the past few years in this business, having made some excellent choices in purchasing quality young horses. “With Nancy, everything just clicked.” remarked Cetty Weiss. “She has taken my daughter under her wing, and provided the synergy and teamwork needed for our long range goals, which is ultimately to develop good horses for Arianne to compete. She is a lot of fun, but also very professional in all that she does. It is a pleasure working with her, and we hope this will be a long term situation for all of us.”

For the short term Team Later/Weiss are eyeing the East Coast Selection Trial for the Eastern 2006 USEF Markel Young Horse Dressage Selection Trial at the CDI 3/Y Raleigh & Capital Dressage Classic, with the goal of getting to the National Championships in Kentucky in September.

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