DressageDaily Spotlight on the American Breeder

Valhalla Farm, Wellborn Florida
"The Better the Breeding, the Easier the Training"

Founded in 1972, Valhalla Farm has always been about the production of quality warmbloods, to have as both a companion and competition horse. They currently maintain 20 or so select broodmares, primarily of Trakehner and Swedish bloodlines. Jean uses her well-proven stallions and also a select few outside stallions with superior riding ability from outstanding international bloodlines. The strict selection criteria that Valhalla abides by includes rideability, trainability and kind and brave temperaments, wrapped in exceptional talent.

“The most important thing for a breeder is to learn what truly makes a good riding horse and one that is attractive to customers. It is not necessarily looks, or absolutely straight legs, or color or a pretty face. It is gaits and work ethics first and foremost if you are looking for that serious amateur or professional buyer.”

Jean Brinkman's’s goal of breeding horses was a life goal and has always captivated and fulfilled her. Initially, she bred horses as much for herself as for sale purposes, and it seemed possible to breed both sane and exciting horses, capable of pleasing riders and accomplishing the highest goals. She has met that challenge head-on.

Jean Brinkman has had horses on the brain for as long as she can remember. Not only has she passed that trait on to her two daughters, Erin and Shannon, but she’s also managed to create one of Florida’s leading warmblood farms and in doing so has spent the last 35+ years doing exactly what she loves.

We invite you to visit Horsesdaily's newest listing in our Sales and Training Facility section. Don’t miss Valhalla’s two top-ten ranking stallions according to 2006 USEF year-end rankings, Martini and Hailo. Valhalla Farm—the better the breeding, the easier the training.