DressageDaily Party In DeLeon Springs

During the recent Symposium at Michael Poulin’s Dressage Training Center, in DeLeon Springs, Florida, neighbors Mary (Phelps) and JJ Hathaway, entertained a few symposium participants at the headquarters for DressageDaily.com.

Featuring "Café JJ’s" beef tenderloin, and Mary’s guilt free tiramisu, on the menu, along with plenty of good wine, the Hathaway’s hosted a warm gathering on a chilly central Florida evening. “It was fun to show our friends from “Welly World” (that’s Wellington, in south Florida) what life is like here in the country, just 4 hours away.

In fact, it is Mary and JJ, Michael Poulin credits for bringing him to DeLeon Springs several years ago. For the pied piper of Classical dressage in America, it took just one season for Poulin to attract his following.

Now many owners and students enchanted with the charming historical region of central Florida, and the easier lifestyle, have relocated here. Poulin's owners formed a group to build The Dressage Institute, home of the 2003 North American Trainers’ Symposium.

With noted European judges discussing a broad range of subjects symposium attendees were encouraged to interact, and create a dialogue. Watch for DressageDaily's next installment on the Symposium with an article from dressage trainer, David Collins.

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