Dressagedaily Loves Google and Google Loves Us! Check Out Komando.com

Our readers represent a wide variety of computer expertise. From many who know way more then me, to those who just check their e-mail, and come visit our easily navigated pages. For those of you who have not discovered the value of all that Google has to offer, today’s page is for you. A daily feature in my e-mail in box is Kim Komando’s daily e-mails. Kim is America’s Digital Goddess and has earned the title, with a radio show on National Public radio, a column in USA Today, and an awesome website packed with great information for computer users of all levels of expertise.

I learn a lot from her each day, and am passing on her Google tips. I use Google Desktop, and it is an invaluable tool for searching the internet, and my computer. I can now find e-mails and our web pages with this fast and easy search. Google Earth can give you a satellite view of your home, the show you are headed to, and other fascinating features. And there is so much more. Kim Komando has an easy link to find all of Google’s features, and it’s free.

When Phelps/Hathaway ENT. Inc. first ventured into the internet world 10 years ago to begin to develop our websites, we were pioneers. Just 10 years ago at shows when we signed up PhelpsPhotos customers, the line in the sign up form for e-mail address was often left blank. A common rely was “I think my husband has on at his office.”

My how things have changed! We knew then we were on to something. Through the vision of our web developers at the time, we went beyond our plan to set up a photo site, into the news and information world with horsesdaily.com and dressagedaily.com.

Who knew then what was about to begin? And who knew something like Google would come along? Our favorite search engine is a favorite with our websites, ranking us in the top 10 of many searches related to our news pages. Just check any of our Who’s Who clients by doing a search by name, and see what rises to the top. We recently covered the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event, archiving press releases, and uploading over 120 photos into our database. Horsesdaily ranks # 7 out of 311,000 searches.

While it is possible to buy ad positioning, we don’t do this. Google recognizes us on our merit, and we want to thank them. In fact, the Google folks contacted us, by phone, when they launched their search feature, inviting us to add their search feature to our websites. And they keep getting better!!! Be sure to use the Google feature on all of our web pages to search our sites, and also the web.

Thank You Google and Kim Komando!!