DressageDaily Honors Major General Jonathan R. Burton On Veterans Day

In 2003 while at one of the many competitions we covered together, “Jack” Burton and I had a rare quiet time together. I knew a bit about his story as a long time member of the United States Cavalry, but as he told me the story of his life and how after World War II he travelled to Germany to help rebuild some of the ravaged areas including Aachen.

On the orders of his commanding officer he hand picked “captured enemy material” the horses which had been seized by the Germans and brought them back to the USA by ship. This was in essence the beginning of the United States Equestrian Team. Together with SportsQuest International and funded by our company Phelps/Hathaway Enterprises and a grant from the Dressage Foundation/Karin Reid Offield, we produced an hour documentary which we debuted in 2006 at the USDF Convention to a standing ovation.

We have reduced the cost of this CD (and only have 19 in stock right now) to 19.95, in order to share this important part of not only Equestrian History, but of American History as well. We all owe a huge thank you and debt of gratitude to all our American soldiers. In our midst and still judging and officiating at events throughout the country this 80 something Major General who served in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam, was the foundation of so much that is our sport today. God Bless Major General Jonathan R. Burton, and God Bless America.

Documentary “A Life of Equestrian Substance: Conversations with Major General Jonathan R. Burton”


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