DressageDaily Dressage Trainer in the Spotlight - Karen Lipp

Sure it would be great to have a grand prix horse or to be in contention this year for the Pan American Games, but Karen Lipp has learned that being successful in the business of dressage is not always about having her name on the scoreboards.

That is because when she finds a good horse it is for one of her many loyal clients, and also because much of her time is devoted to her students, many who are junior and young riders. Karen Lipp is living proof that you can be successful living and working your passion. “I have a lovely home, a good truck, and a great life doing what I love.”

Her work, horses, and pets are not all she is in love with. Karen recently became engaged to Mike Blasik. Did they meet through horses? In a way, it was in an airport during one of Karen’s many trips horse shopping.