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Watermark Farm - A Family Steeped in American Breeding Tradition
By Jeannie Blanq for HorsesDaily Horsemarket Sales and Training Listings


Watermark Farm’s mission is simple. “All we’re trying to do is breed the best quality adult amateur friendly and safe horses as possible.” The Rawles admit that they breed for temperament first and then movement. “If a horse isn’t cooperative and tolerant enough to be handled and trained then it really isn’t right for us or our customers.” Anne likes to call this breeding for “the interior qualities”. Daughter, Ellie Rawle feels incredibly lucky to be in this business every day and is grateful that her family can make a business of what they love. She confides the biggest secret to their success is understanding U.S. horse sport, mostly geared to women, and offering everything on the farm for sale.

With four stallions, and eight mares currently in foal, Watermark Farm has over 40 horses on their property, and are actively involved in the American Warmblood Registry. Afull voting member of the World Breed Federation for Sport Horses, the AWR has a rigorous inspection process and is equal to the standards of any of the best European registries. The AWR adheres to strict criteria for conformation, soundness, athleticism and aptitude. In fact, Watermark Farm hosts inspections each year.

The Rawle family has had their share of adversity, yet they continue their hard work and dedication to the American sport horse world, on their beautiful 100 acres farm in scenic Pennsylvania.