DressageDaily Announces New Article Series on Sport Horse Breeding In The United States

After months of collecting and compiling endless amounts of information and interviews, DressageDaily.com is finally ready to present an exclusive series dedicated to sport horse breeding in the United States. Each week, Dressagedaily will showcase one of many elite breeding facilities included in this five part series. Some of the top breeders in America have graciously answered many questions pertaining to the future of breeding in the US and how it will impact the quality of our sport horses in future international competition.

Topics such as young horse development, bloodlines, breeding strategies, the international arena, stallion promotion, mare selection, athleticism and judging will be addressed in detail by internationally renowned breeders such as Iron Spring Farm, Hilltop Farm, Marydell Farms and Highlife Farms. We will also get a closer look into what these breeders are doing to ensure that America will produce many of its own top athletes that will be competitive at the very top levels in the future.

Readers will get the inside scoop on the views and opinions of these top breeders as they share their visions for the future and comment on their game plans for achieving these goals. Stay tuned next week as we begin our five part series of interviews to share with our readers.
Stacy Gormley for DressageDaily.com