Dressage At Waterloo July

By Debby Buck DeJonge

We almost didn’t need our muck boots even though July is supposed to be a scorcher, instead shared the weathervane dished out: rain, and thunderstorms, and an occasional afternoon worthy of waving the coat rule. None of this put a damper on the 260 entries, and 894 rides of the combined Sport Horse breeding show and three day annual dressage show which always serves up some fun on the Saturday.

The golf-dressage challenge went by the wayside in favor of the lead line class where everyone was a winner much like the seventh annual Fun Freestyle (sponsored by Dr. Rob DeJonge and me), which followed. A couple other winners were newcomers, Christina Moore on her four year old, Fidelo, while Pati Pierucci handily won the PSG, with the Andulusian mount owned by Hampton Green Farm.

Non-horse people would have gotten a kick out of the “dog-show” factor in that almost every color and breed of horse were present and accounted for. However, I did not get a gander of a curly at this show as I did last year. Trailer’s brandished license plates as far away as Wellington, Florida were parked, (or shall I say packed-in) next to a country away ahhh, the Canadians.

Photo by Randy Fosth, ShutterbugStudio.net

The Chores The Stores . . .

It was more than difficult for some to keep their noses to the grindstone in the chore department, as the shopping was something to behold. Miku Italian shirts made an appearance from New Jersey (just in time with their vented life saving wares), and sidled up next to the Paddock Saddlery who brought everything sans the kitchen sink! Auntie Ann’s Cookies were there in force with their cookie doling golf car. There was something for everyone except espresso!

Apparently the footing was so good that when one talented rider was tossed like a salad off a (very talented) youngster, he was no worse for the wear. And, since “the coat rule” was only waved once for which this rider was mighty grateful. “Loose Horse” was announced only once, too, which is not bad considering the size of the show.

Black Star Farms provided the wine, (from their very own vineyards just like Quail Hurst did for the Denim And Diamonds soiree in February), for the Fun Freestyle folks who waved Sandra Tull over for a well deserved celebratory glass of golden chardonnay as she just tied the knot on her gold medal with her ride on her horse that she trained: Sheveron. You Go Girl!

It was heartwarming to see another Waterloo show staple: Kelly Burke Hayner back in the saddle after her hiatus with her third child. Lookin’ good, Kelly!

Junior Riders Showing the Way

The juniors showed the AA’s the way, once again, with their competitive spirit in a three-way tie in the first level. Those kids!

One of whom, Lesley Schumacher was my charge over the weekend and made me want to say:"do as I say, not as I do," then, she dusted me in the Fun Freestyle with the music I put together for her with her interpretation of honoring America which included her total attention Grabbing entry when the music played, “The Pledge Of Allegiance,” and t hen she moved off into the trot to: “This Land Is Your Land,” etc.

The driving rain and soaked ring did not deafen the message or dampen any spirits. How could they with Lesley performing her entire routine with a small American Flag clenched between her teeth!

Everyone in the class wins something or a few nice things, like Elizabeth Grace Feck’s beautiful genuine gem stoned brow-bands, Miku Italian cotton show shirts, MIDA and Great Lakes Blend, horse supplements, to name a few. This show was very well: run, received, and attended. The sportsmanship was in good nick and nary a horse was overheard saying, “why the long face?” to their riders.

Photo by Randy Fosth, ShutterbugStudio.net