Dressage Volunteer In the Spotlight

Sophie Ghedin has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for Dressage at Devon, as the coordinator of awards, sponsor gifts, and trophies. So much so she has been nicknamed “Sophie Trophy” and in 2005 won the Dressage at Devon Volunteer of the year award. So in 2007 when she decided to enter her young Oldenburg gelding, Remy Martin G in the Materiale class during the breed show, she finally realized a longtime dream; competing in the arena where she had distributed so many awards to some of America’s top dressage horses. PhelpsPhoto: Sophie Ghedin on right with some of her fellow volunteers

“The night before I was having dinner with the ground crew of DAD at Hilltop's party and they were asking me about how I felt showing the next day..."no pressure" do you see who I'm against? I can't beat them!” Sophie told DressageDaily. “I had never done a materiale or a suitability class before in my life, so the best thing for me to do is go and enjoy myself and live the moment of showing in the Dixon during Dressage at Devon.”

“Showing and doing the trophies at the same time was stressful. I tried to organize as much as I could before, but I was so worried about the trophies that I would come up whenever I had a chance and check on things, I was lucky to have found great volunteers. I had to call right before getting in the saddle so I could focus on my ride.”

Ghedin did much better than that!

Ghedin did much better than that! She and her 5-year-old by Relevant out of a Welt Hit II dam, won the class, and Sophie got the chance to pose for photos with her horse. “I thought I didn't even place and then when I realize after Brian (O’Connor) announced 2nd place that I was alone in the ring ...I screamed 'Oh My God! I won!' Everybody in the committee stand and the ground crew were cheering me on. I'll never forget that moment!"

Ghedin purchased her young horse as a 4-year-old from Germany with the help of Elly Schobel. “I looked at a few horses, they didn't waste any time, Elly knew exactly what I was looking for and my budget.” said Ghedin. “We went to one of the trainers she likes to work with, and while they are talking I noticed a cute young chestnut. I don’t have to tell you how excited I was when they took him from the stall for me to ride. I rode him, then again the next day and said to them well this horse is going to have to learn French!’ He passed the vet and then I got my Remy Martin G (and he now understands some French words!)

Ghedin who is also a photographer is a part of the HorsesDaily team, and has apprenticed with us for 2 years helping at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, USEF Pony Finals, and the USEF Festival of Champions.

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Sophie became a US citizen this year, and this year has started her own photography business working mostly in the Pennsylvania region where she lives with her husband.