Dressage Trainers in the News - Oded Shimoni Launches New Website

Wellington, FL – Israeli dressage star, Oded Shimoni launched his new website, www.odedshimonidressage.com. The website contains a wealth of information about the international trainer and competitor, his students, and his horses in Europe. Additionally, the easy-to-use site has a page of links to help dressage enthusiasts find what they are looking for.

Shimoni made history when he became the first Israeli dressage rider to qualify for the World Equestrian Games or the Olympics.  He was also the second person to compete in the European Championships.  For each of these prestigious competitions, Shimoni qualified two different horses.  To continue being a top international competitor, Shimoni is now seeking new sponsorship opportunities.  The new website provides information about the benefits sponsorship in the equestrian marketplace and pays tribute to his previous sponsor.

On the “Meet Oded” page of the website, site visitors can read how Shimoni began riding in public parks in Tel Aviv.  From these humble beginnings, Shimoni now spends the season in Wellington, Florida and trains in Pennsylvania during the summer.  He is currently training at Still Point Farm in Wellington, Florida.

Shimoni is often called “the trainer’s trainer,” as many of his students are professionals with great successes in the FEI arena for themselves and their students. Some of his students featured on www.odedshimonidressage.com include Arlene “Tuny” Page, Jessica Jo Tate, Nancy Later, Silva Martin,  Jason Canton and Todd Fletrich.  Shimoni has been quoted saying, “Today’s riders want to learn as much as possible from someone who has gone through the training and the experience.”  Shimoni’s work with dressage masters like George Whal, Hubertus Schmidt, and Conrad Schumacher has contributed to the knowledge that he shares with his students.

Visitors to this website will be able to find almost everything they might want to know about Shimoni.  Contact information for Shimoni is available on the site should visitors have more questions about sponsorship or training.