Dressage Star Courtney King Dye’s Autobiography, Courtney’s Quest, Now Available from Amazon


Millbrook, NY – Equestrian Courtney King Dye is proud to announce the publication of her new autobiography, Courtney’s Quest, a heart-wrenching depiction of what it's like to strive for the Olympics, make them, and then to be fighting for her life. Readers will be riveted by each and every story as King Dye relives some of her most poignant memories. Published by Words in the Works in Panama, NY, this inspirational book is now available on Amazon.com. King Dye cites Courtney's Quest as her way to give back to the public that has been with her every step of the way. "They've supported every one of my ambitions, financially and emotionally, and stood by me through my lowest lows. The numerous responses on Facebook and the many personal emails showed me that people were interested in my story, so I wrote it," says King Dye. The book takes the reader through King Dye's years of hard work and dedication as she dreamed of becoming a world-class dressage rider and then through the years when she was living her dream competing at the FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, two Dressage World Cups, the 2008 Olympics in Hong Kong, training for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG), and then...catastrophe. The moment her life changed. A trip and fall by a young horse King Dye was schooling slammed her helmetless head into the ground, causing a traumatic brain injury.

King Dye didn't give up, despite being given only a 7% chance of survival during those early days. Her courage and motivation were tested as she spent four weeks in a coma and three months of intense inpatient rehabilitation just to learn to walk and talk again. And King Dye's indomitable spirit shines through in this story of courage, determination, and a will so strong that nothing was going to keep her down for long.

Five-time novelist Daniel Wallace describes Courtney's Quest: "Courtney King Dye has pulled off a miracle: she's written two books at the same time, and both of them are here, in these pages. One of the books is about horses, and the other is about her—where she's been, where she is, and where she's going. Both stories are gut-wrenchingly honest—at times heart-breaking and at times humorous—but what’s most powerful in this book is the attitude she displays throughout. It's inspiring."

King Dye's autobiography is not the first time she has written about her experiences for readers and fans. From her early years to the present, King Dye has journaled about her experiences as fundraisers for major events. These publicly supported journals allowed her a chance to achieve her goals. She drew from these earlier writings, which culminated in information for a book. Original journal entries are sprinkled throughout the book. "Having these journals, these records of in-the-moment thoughts, details, and feelings made writing this book and expressing how I felt during pivotal moments possible," explains King Dye.

King Dye describes her story. "I take the reader through the process of my development as a rider...light bulb moments, like when I learned to overcome fear, learning how to appear I'm doing nothing in the saddle, how to teach the piaffe, the first time I was offered something in return for riding (which was huge!). I also write about my personal development and inner turmoil. There are many heartbreaking moments, but they are surrounded by the humor I generally apply to life."

With humor, honesty, and vulnerability, King Dye takes the reader through her tumultuous journey, and when the reader is done, he or she may feel like they know King Dye personally...as if he or she has sat with her while she told her story over a cup of coffee. Adult amateur riders, professional riders, and horse lovers of all kinds are sure to love this obviously "horsey" book. And it's a sure bet that non-horse people will love this book, too. It's a truly inspirational story that doesn't yet have an "end" as King Dye continues to share her love of dressage and horses. She currently teaches clinics and helps train dressage riders.

To purchase Courtney's Quest, visit http://amzn.com/0991036441.

To learn more about Courtney King Dye, visit www.ckddressage.com or e-mail courtneykingdye@gmail.com.


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