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World Number 1 - Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro (Photo: Eurodressage.com)
World Number 1 - Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro (Photo: Eurodressage.com)

Valegro and Charlotte are back in top form not only scoring over 80% again in Rotterdam, but they have once more become World Number 1! A Dutch Warmblood gelding shown to Prix St Georges might not seem like much but what if I told you he is 26...and blind? Parzival is home and getting better all the time, follow his progress through Eurodressage.com. Hopefully he will be back to challenge Valegro for the top title soon! French researchers have done a study on stress and the effects it has before, during and after a training session. Finally bee sure to check with your veterinarian to be sure that you are up to date in vaccines as Eastern Equine Encephalitis has reared its ugly head in South Carolina.

Busy, busy! This weekend is going gang-busters with lots of competition. California is cranking with the Woodside Summer Dressage in Woodside, the Summer Dressage III in Somis, the Galway Downs Summer Dressage in Temecula, the Fieldstone Farm Dressage July in Santa Rosa and the Dressage in the Almonds July in Lodi. Also on the west coast we have the Champagne Classic Group - Crystal and Magnum in Auburn and the 14th Annual Spokane Sport Horse Casual Qualifier I, II & Breed Show. Heading east, we have the Coconino Dressage Show in Flagstaff, AZ and the Dressage at the Peak Summer Warm-Up and Peak II in Peyton, CO. In the mid-west we have the Sorensen Park Dressage June I and II in East Troy, WI, the Dressage at Waterloo June I and II in Grass Lake, MI, the Sun Dance Dressage Show I and II in Lake Elmo, MN, the Iowa Dressage Classic I and II in Cumming IA and the Magic Valley Dressage Show in Jerome, ID. In the south we have the Dressage at Lexington in Lexington, VA, the Rise 'N Shine in Pinehurst, NC and the Dressage at Greystone in Fayetteville, TN. 

Valegro and Charlotte Dujardin have done it again! After a six month break from competition, the pair scored an impressive 82.191% at the 2013 CDIO Rotterdam. With a unaminous first place finish from all 5 judges the score secured the British win in the Nation's Cup competition! Next up for the duo is Herning  where they will go up against World Cup Champion Damon Hill and Helen Langehanenberg. Even though Valegro emerged as the victor there is still much fine-tuning to do when the two meet! Check out the rest of the story at Eurodressage.com

A black Dutch Warmblood gelding that had shown through Prix St Georges placing 6th out of 15 with a 65.78%. Ok, that is a good thing BUT what if I told you that same black Dutch gelding is 26-years-young and completly blind!? Valiant stepped on a nail and the infection that followed robbed him of his site within 3 weeks. A documentary is being filmed of Valiant and his rider Jeanette Sasson that tells the story of resiliance and dealing with what life throws your way. Read more to find out his story and where the documentary project stands currently.

Happy to pass on good news from Eurodressage.com that the world number 1 dressage horse - Parzival - is home recovering after under going an operation for arrhythmia. Parzival's condition was diagnosed after the 16-year-old gelding began having trouble getting fit in his work. Parzival and his rider Adelinde Cornelissen missed the competition at the CDIO Rotterdam but it is hoped that he will make a complete recovery and be ready to be on the team again. Read more about what procedure Parzival underwent and what is his prognosis...

The Horse.com has a report on a French Research study about how stress before, during and after work affects your horse and his ability to retain what he has learned. The study took a large group of Welsh ponies and divided them into three groups and applied stress to each group in a different time of their training session and the group with stress after (whatever that particular horse found stressful) work were not able to retain information learned in the training. Check out the rest of the study here!

Sad news - A state official has confirmed the first case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) in South Carolina in 2013. A foal that died in June at a farm and tested postitive for EEE and there were two other adult horses that are suspected to also have died from the disease. State veterinarian Dr. Boyd Parr urges horse owners to consult with their veterinarian to be sure that their horses are up to date on vaccines.

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