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News Notes for August 18, 2011 - This week’s News Notes is brought to you by Back on Track, the natural way to good health. This week the dressage world is watching the 2011 European Dressage Championships in Rotterdam, the Netherlands to see if Great Britain can earn Gold and they are off to a great start! CDI action will take place at the Centerline Events @ Hits On The Hudson CDI-W,Y,J,P in Saugerties, NY. At the 2011 Parker Adventist Hospital Dressage in the Rockies I, II and III, over 40 riders scored over 70% with quality judging! The Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest held at Hampton Green Farm wrapped up this past weekend and was a great success. And half way around the world, riding is becoming a popular sport (dressage too) in all places - China, and the Netherlands saw the need to fulfill their need for steed! A pony stallion from Assateague Island had to be removed after he turned to plundering campsites for food and becoming aggressive, see what the future will bring for him...

This week we have exciting action in the Netherlands with the 2011 European Dressage Championships! Closer to home we have CDI action at the Centerline Events @ Hits On The Hudson CDI-W,Y,J,P in Saugerties, NY. Elsewhere in the northern region we have the PBF Open Sport Horse Show in Holland, NY and the LVDA Recognized Competition in Rever, PA. The south has the Dressage At Foxcroft in Middleburg, VA, Meadow Lake Summer Classic I and II in Bryantsville, KY and the Dressage at Greystone Farms in Lynnville, TN. The mid west has the Otter Creek Dressage Fest in Wheeler, WI, Silverwood Dressage in Camp Lake, WI and Summer Fest Breed Show in Cleveland, MO. Out west the country has Dressage in the Pines in Flagstaff, AZ, Paragon Dressage I, II and III in Estes Park, CO and the Mountain Air Dressage Show in Flagstaff, AZ. California rounds out this week with The Dress Rehearsal in Los Alamos, CDS East Bay Chapter Summer Show #4 in Pleasanton, Summer Dressage at Hansen Dam in Lakeview Terrace, CA and Fieldstone Farm Dressage August in Santa Rosa, CA.

The 2011 European Dressage Championships is well under way in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with Britain taking a convincing lead after day one. Charlotte Dujardin made a big impression riding her boss Carl Hester's Valegro to a 78.83. One day 2 - Carl Hester and Uthopia put on a stellar performance earning 10's from all 11 judges on his last extended trot for a total ride score of 82.56%! Stay tuned - things are definitely looking up for Great Britain Gold. Follow coverage at DressageDaily.com

The 2011 Parker Adventist Hospital Dressage in the Rockies I, II and III was recently held at the Colorado Horse Park. With a large group of high quality horse and riders, more than 40 riders earned scores above 70%! Show Manager Glenda McElroy stated - "I want to congratulate all these riders on their success; these scores came from very legitimate judges." Check out a full report here!

Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest wrapped up this past weekend and was a great success. Held at Kim Boyer's Hampton Green Farm in Fruitport, MI, the festival featured a two day clinic for the Emerging Dressage Athlete Section A and was followed by the Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest - a one-day competition that involved three components: a written exam, a dressage test, and an equitation class. A group of the Section A clinic will be selected to go on to the Section B Clinic which will take place in Wellington, Fl with Olympian Robert Dover. Read More Here!

We all worry about colic in our horses and if you have ever experienced a horse in the middle of a colic episode, the thought of whether they will need surgery often comes to mind. There are many deciding factor that your veterinarian will use, most often on a case by case basis, to determine if a referral to a clinic is necessary for further treatment. Some of these factors include - pain, gastric reflux, gut sounds and rectal exams. See what other indicators may send your horse to the clinic...
It seems that China is a new growing market for learning to ride dressage! People in their twenties and thirties are finding that while the economy of China is growing along with their incomes, it is ok to stop and smell the roses (their money!). More people are enjoying getting outside of the city and learning to ride most often starting from scratch. The Dutch spotted this niche early on and are happy to oblige! Check it out!

A pony recently had to be removed from Assateague Island when he became too food aggressive - pillaging visitor and campsites for his favorite treat, hamburger buns. Most horses removed from the island are absorbed into the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company's herd but they have a grazing permit and were full and unable to take Fabio in. Find out what has become of this once wild stallion and what his future may hold