Dressage News Notes Brought to You by Back on Track Products

News Notes for April 14, 2011 This week’s News Notes is brought to you by Back on Track, the natural way to good health. April marks the full start of the dressage season across the U.S. and competitions will take place this weekend from coast to coast. But the action isn’t over in Florida and California. Florida will play host this weekend to the Gold Coast Dressage Finale and also to the Blue Angel Dressage in Pensacola. And California plays host to the Spring Dressage in Somis. Elsewhere in the country, action can be found in Tennessee for the Tennessean Dressage and at the William Woods Spring Dressage in Missouri. Aiken, South Carolina will play host to the Spring Fling this weekend and in Manor, Texas riders will gather at the CTDS Bluebonnet Classic. Hamilton, Georgia is hosting the Poplar Place Farm Dressage this weekend and Meadow Lake Spring Classic will be in Kentucky. Other dressage shows will take place in Tucson, in Williamsburg, Virginia and in Kirkland, Washington.

With the advent of new rules regarding the wearing of dressage helmets in competition it has seemed like top hats would become a thing of the past. But not so according to a report in Horse and Hound this past week. The popular hat maker L’Hiver has unveiled a top hat that meets official safety standards and it even has a chin strap to keep it on your head. L’Hiver is already taking orders for the hat and expects to have the first ones actually in the hands of buyers this summer. You can read more and see a photo here!

Ireland has a leg up in fielding a dressage team for the 2012 London Olympics. News came out this week that British dressage rider Dane Rawlins has decided to join other members of his family and ride for Ireland. He has taken on Irish nationality. His daughter Anne-Marie is also a dressage rider and already rides for Ireland and his wife Maureen also has Irish citizenship.

When one thinks of upcoming international equestrian competition most think of the Pan American Games scheduled for Mexico this fall. But another important world sporting event is coming up even sooner and it’s been making news in local media around the world lately. The Special Olympics World Summer Games is taking place in Athens, Greece and the equestrian competition in the Games will be held June 27 through July 3. Riders around the world have been training for this important event and the hard work of many of them is earning them feature articles in their local press. And this week, riders Rashawn Young and Wallace Gamble made news in the South Carolina Island Packet. Rashawn, 20, and Wallace, 19, have already been chosen to represent the U.S. and they are both long-time Special Olympics athletes. They’ve competed in a number of sports in competition but riding is one of their favorites. They’ve both been riding for many years in therapeutic riding programs. To qualify for the World Games, riders must win a gold medal at state-level competition. Rashawn has been so successful that he has even been chosen to serve as captain if the U.S. equestrian team heading to Greece. What makes their trip to Greece an even better story is the fact that not only has the equestrian community in their home region stepped up to the plate to help them out, but other community organizations and schools have even raised money to cover their costs of competing. You can read more about these two special riders here!

The Standard newspaper in Britain reported this week on the launch of a new local dressage series organized by two business owners, Bernard Simpson of Goldeneye Photography in Chippenham and Terhi Ikonen of Lime Tree Dressage in Kington Langley. Terhi is a native of Finland who has been involved in dressage for years. Bernard has long covered the sport of dressage as a photographer. The first show in the news series will be held this weekend with seven more to follow before the championship final on September 4.