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News Notes for July 1, 2011 This week’s News Notes is brought to you by Back on Track, the natural way to good health.

This week the USEF announced the Dressage Team for the 2011 CHIO Aachen. The Dressage Foundation has sent out a reminder for the deadlines of several Grant/Scholarships. This week also saw a couple of sad developments with the passing of the legendary Elite Stallion Weltmeyer and the serious flooding of The Manning Valley Dressage and Hacking Club in Australia. Steven Speilberg has released the trailer for his movie adaptation of the powerful War Horse. On a lighter side - read what Dressage has to do with investing and see the fun when an Improv group break out in a Carousel Race in a New York city park.

It seems the Fouth of July celebrations are keeping the show season relatively quiet this week. In the north, we have the Dressage At The Bucks County Horse Park III in Revere, PA, Dressage At Stockade July in Glenville, NY and Letter Perfect Farm Rec. Dressage in Uxbridge, MA. THe mid-west has the Dressage By The Bay Summer Series I and II in Williamsburg, MI and Parkside Dressage in Long Lake, MN. Elsewhere we have the Horses Unlimited Fiesta De Dressage in Albequerque, NM and California has the Star Spangled Dressage in San Juan Capistrano, CA and the Yarra Yarra Dressage July in Pleasanton, CA.

The USEF has announced the teams that will represent the U.S. at the 2011 CHIO Aachen (July 8-17, 2011) in Aachen, Germany. The following riders have been choosen - Steffen Peters and Ravel, Jan Ebeling and Rafalca, Guenter Seidel and U II, Todd Flettrich and Otto and the alternate will be Catherine Haddad-Staller with Winyamaro.

The Dressage Foundation announced the deadlines of their several Grants/Scholarships. These scholarships include Adult Amateurs, U.S.bred horses, Dressage instructors and riders trying to reach an elite/International level. Check out if you may qualify to recieve financial assistance from the Foundation.

Eurodressage.com reports the unfortuante passing of the legendary Hanoverian Elite Stallion Weltmeyer. Weltmeyer was humanley euthanized following a severe bout of colic June 27. Weltmeyer sired a dynasty with 433 States Premium mares and 86 licensed sons with over 4610 registered foals. He was proclaimed the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year on 1998. Read the full story here...

The trailer for Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's War Horse is out and EW.com (Entertainment Weekly) says it beautifully with "The first impression of Spielberg’s teaser trailer for the movie (out Dec. 28) is simply: God, that’s gorgeous — which is jarring since the opening shot is of a vast landscape reduced to a cinder as the title character, a farm horse named Joey, frantically gallops for its life, just inches ahead of the mortars." Watch the trailer and see for yourself...

The Manning Valley Dressage and Hacking Club, located at the Taree Showgrounds in Austraila, was devastated by recent floods this month. The three permanent arenas which were once so high in standard that the grounds attracted the NSW State Dressage Championships, saw footing and landscaping logs floated away. The club is doing everything it can to pull off a miracle with their Club Championships just 9 weeks away. Read about the Showgrounds Recovery here!

CNNMoney has a report this week about "11 crazy alternative investments" of people who were fed up with their single digit returns on their investment. One of these "crazy" alternative investments is.....dressage horses! Read about one man's investment that paid off and see the other 10, and yes, some are a little crazy! Read about it here!

On an amusing note - a New York City based Improv Everywhere had a little fun with the crowd at Le Carrousel in New York's Bryant Park. The group staged a carousel horse race with announcers, fans that bet on the race and a brightly colored jockey. The kids and crowd were unaware and while initally suspect ended wup joining in on the fun! Check out the viral video!!