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NewsNotes for the week of February 20-24, 2012! It is exciting to see in the U.S. how many CDI's are being held and a great majority  are now taking place in Florida. The 2nd leg of the Global Dressage Festival took place this last weekend with top notch action at the Florida Dressage Classic CDI-W! Speaking of top notch, the Equestrian Aid Foundation has announced the kick off of the auction items for their annual fundraiser and you wont believe what the kickoff item is! The Totilas rumor mill keeps on churing about the spectacular stallion and the talk of him returning to his former rider Edward Gal.{C}

The IOC has once again expressed its concern over the popularity of the equestrain sports and whether they should continue after the 2012 Olympic Games, yet in the Cayman Islands the sport of dressage continues to grow with an FEI competition to be held this weekend! In two unrelated stories - the police horses that will be used during the G8 Summit in Chicago will be sporting riot gear and two phenomenal horses saved the life of their caretaker after she was viciously atacked....


The Florida season marches on with three competitons to choose from! Welcome Back To White Fences I in Loxahatchee, FL, Florida Dressage Concours I and II in Venice, FL and the Twice As Nice Dressage II in Newberry, FL. California will host the Mid Winter Dressage Fair in Burbank, CA and elsewhere the Lowcountry Dressage Classic will be held in Johns Island, SC and the The First Dance will take place in Folsom, LA.

The 2nd leg of the Global Dressage Festival was held this past weekend with the $50,000 Florida Dressage Classic CDI-W! The competition was super as horse and rider combinations continue on their quest for both World Cup and Olympic dreams! Sweden's Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven rode her Don Auriello to victory in his first show in Florida this season winning both the Olympic GP as well as the Freestyle! Todd Flettrich of Wellington was the winner of the Olympic GP Special. Read more coverage of the Florida Dressage Classic CDI-W here!

The Equestrian Aid Foundation will be holding their annual fundraiser immediately following the jog at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby on March 1, 2012 which will be held at the show grounds for the International Horse Sport Series in Loxahatchee, FL. It was announced that one of the highlights of the auction items will be a breeding to the Three-time World Champion, Three-time world record holder Totilas which is being generously donated by Paul Schockemohle and Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff of Germany! This is very exciting for the EAF which raises funds to help assist equestrians suffering catastrophic illnesses or injuries. Check out Dressagedaily.com as the list of auction items continues to grow with even more great offerings!

Wild speculation rolls on after Rath and Totilas recent performances and the newly formed 10 year partnership of Gaston Glock and Totilas former Trainer Edward Gal. There was a rumored offer made for Totilas from the owner of the famous firearm company but it is apparent that the owners turned the offer down. More speculation is on as to whether Totilas and Rath will make the team for Germany at the 2012 London Olympics at all. Read why this may be an issue and more on the continued story here!

It seems that the IOC is once again expressing concern about the Olympic discipline of dressage (and equestrian sport in general). International Equestrian Federation president HRH Princess Haya, of Jordan has warned that the equestrian disciplines may not survive beyond the 2012 London Olympic Games. This is, of course, not the first time this has been brought up in Olympic years. See what the IOC thinks about the different equestrian events and what some of the problems are in their eyes.

In contrast to the Olympic story on the unpopularity of dressage by the IOC, it seems the sport is going in a very positive direction in the Cayman Islands! The Cayman is going to host the Fédération Equestre Internationale World Dressage Challenge on Saturday, 25 February, 2012. The vet jog will be on Friday the 24th, the competition on Saturday and a judges clinic will top off the weekend on Sunday! Find out more about the show and dressage in the Islands here!

This is so cool! Two fabulous horses in Durban (South Africa) have become heros after coming to the rescue of 25-year-old Kerri-Lee McKenzie after a vicious attack which left her with a stab wound to the chest. After turning the two horses out in their paddock, Kerri-Lee went to pick up some garbage when a man leapt out from the bushes and attacked her at knife point. After fighting backwith her attacker and sustaining a knife wound, the two super heros (my words!) came galloping to her rescue! Read the full story here and these two equines will be right up there with Lassie, except they aren't scripted!

Seems security will be ramped up for the NATO/G8 Summit in Chicago in May and thankfully the 30 horses of the mounted patrol will also be outfitted with riot gear to help insure their safety. Some of the gear includes leather nose gaurds, plastic visors to protect the eyes as well as leg shields. The safety of the horse has a direct inpact of the safety of the officer riding. Read more about the plans surrounding the Summit and the police horses here!