Dressage News Notes Brought to You By Back On Track



This week's News Notes for May 28-June 1, 2012 is brought to you by Back on Track. Several Olympic developments have occured this week in dressage starting with the USEF Dressage Selectors granting Steffen Peters request to not compete Ravel at the Olympic selction trials at the Festival of Championships in Gladstone, NJ. Australia has lost one f its top pairs when Rachael Sanna had to withdraw Jaybee Alabaster from Olympic consideration. Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival will not be competing at the Dutch Championships which is a mandatory observation trial for the Dutch Olympic hopefuls. The Markel/USEF Young Horse West Coast Selection trails kickec off this weekend at the Flintridge CDI3*. The dressage world suffered more loss this week when we lost a Team doctor, sporthorse breeder and three horses (one which was an Olympic contender). Germany announced that it has now made the practice of hot branding illegal along with whisker trimming!{C}

This is one busy weekend for dressage competitions nationwide! California is leading the charge this week with 5 competitions across the state starting with the Dressage in June in Temecula, the Shelly Siegel Dressage in Santa Rosa, Dressage at Spirit Equestrian in Somis, Dressage at "The Gaits" in Hollister and the Midsummer Night's Dressage I in Watsonville. Hawaii will host the Aloha State Dressage Society (ASDS) III and IV in Waimanalo and Alaska will have the ADA Spring Festival I and II in Anchorage. Starting in Washington with the Gold Creek Dressage June I and II in Woodinville, we start trekking across the rest of the country. Parker, CO will host the High Prairie Dressage I and II and in the mid-west we have the St. Croix Classic in Lake Elmo, MN, the Kansas Dressage & Eventing Association Spring I in Hutchinson, KS, the Indy Dressage Classic I and II in Romney, IN, the Silverwood Dressage in Camp Lake, WI and the Dressage at Waterloo Spring Classic I and II in Grass Lake, MI. The north has the Dressage at the Bucks County Horse Park II in Revere, PA and the Fidler Run Farm Dressage II in Woodbine, NJ. THe south's lone competition will be the Capital Dressage Classic in Raleigh, NC.


American power duo Steffen Peters and Ravel have been granted a request to not attend the 2012 USEF Olympic selection trials in Gladstone, NJ. After a meeting byt the USEF Dressage Selectors it was decided that Peters and Ravel would be considered for the Short List/FEI Nominated Entry on the team in accordance with USEF Olympic Games Selection Procedure. You can read the complete story and see what the Selection procedure are here!

In Dutch dressage news it appears that Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival have withdrawn from the 2012 Dutch Dressage Championships in Hoofddorp. The reason that was given is that Parzival is not "fit enough to compete" however it was also stated that Parzival is not injured. You will remember that Parzival did not pass the inital inspection at this years World cup and had to jog a sceond time (which he passed). He went on to win the World Cup Title. By missing the Dutch Championships, the pair is missing one of two mandatory observation trials for the Olympic Games. Read the full story at Eurodressage.com!

Eurodressage also reports that Australian Rachael Sanna and Jaybee Alabaster have withdrawn from Olympic contention based on veterinary advice. While the injury to Jaycee Alabaster is not long term, time has simply "run out" to be able to try and make the Australian Olympic Team. In spite of this unfortunate turn of events, selectors still feel confident that a very strong team can be assembled to represent Australia. Read the complete story here!

The road to the Markel/USEF National Young Horse Championships kicked off this past weekend at Dressage at Flintridge CDI3*. While the field was smaller this year, the quality was a high as ever and return participants were the victors in both the 5 and 6-year-old divisions. Regalo with Lientje Schueller topped the 5-year-old division earning a spot on the USEF Youn Horse Short List. While Sabine Schut-Kery and the stallion Sanceo was the lone entry in the 6-year-old division, it was clear with the score of 8.6 that they firmly belong on the Short List as well. Read all the Markel/Young Horse Coverage on DressageDaily.com.

It was another most unfortunate week with many more losses to both the human and horse world. FEI team Doctor Craig Ferrell passed away after injuries sustained from a fall during a polo match and Michigan Sport Horse Breeders have lost a friend when Dr Howard Hughes Kellerman passed away unexpectedly. And not on but three horses were lost to Pollard eventing after a tragic trailer accident which claimed Icarus, Judes Law and VDL Ulando H. Our heartfelt condolences go out to friends, families and owners alike.

The HorseChannel.com has reported that Germany has now joined the Netherlands, Scotland and Denmark in making hot branding illegal. While horses in the European Union are required to have permanent identification (which was traditionally a breed specific brand) micro chipping is becoming the preferred method of choice. Germany has already made it illegal to also trim a horses whiskers as well as crop ears or tails on dogs. At least three German based breed registries appose the ban. Check out the story here!