Dressage Education to be Presented at USDF Annual Convention

Lincoln, Nebraska (October 10, 2001) - Over 16 hours of dressage education is planned for the United States Dressage Federation's (USDF) 29th Annual Convention to be held November 28-December 1 in Orlando, Florida at the Peabody Orlando hotel. With an expected attendance of over 600, the convention offers opportunities to learn through the "USDF University" sessions.

Featured speakers are Olympian Sue Blinks, and USET competitors Tom Noone and Kay Meredith who will speak about their experiences with musical freestyle dressage in an international arena.

Olympic trainer Conrad Schumacher, of Germany will present three sessions, including "Basic Dressage Training," "Education of the Rider," and "Advanced Dressage Training."

Offering a glimpse of the 2003 USA Equestrian (formerly AHSA) tests and USDF Introductory tests will be a six-member panel including Janet Brown, Kathy Connelly, Anne Gribbons, Hilda Gurney, Axel Steiner, and Lois Yukins.

"Footing and Arena Construction for the Dressage Exhibitor" is the title of the presentation by footing expert, Jennifer Buchanan, and engineer Brad Thatcher.

Tony Hitchcock, successful promoter and manager of many competitions including the Hampton Classic, will present "Sponsorship and Marketing for Events and Competitions." He will also present "Sponsorship and Marketing for GMOs" with USDF Marketing Committee member, Johnny Robb.

Amy Mann, American Horse Council's Director of Health and Regulatory Affairs, will present the very latest on the West Nile Virus and Hoof & Mouth Disease. The staff from USA Equestrian, Inc. will present "Demystifying the FEI Competition", a seminar for organizers, officials, and competitors.

A special session for leaders of local dressage clubs will be presented by Barbara Tuohino Funk, tax accountant and USDF Treasurer, titled, "Tax Issues for Group Member Organizations."

In addition to these public sessions, two private sessions will be organized for participants meeting the requirements. USDF will present a Technical Delegate Apprentice Workshop, and the USA Equestrian will present a Technical Delegates Forum, which is part of the continuing education requirements of USA Equestrian Technical Delegates.

To learn more about the 2001 Annual Convention or to register, log on to www.usdf.org, or call USDF at 402/434-8550.