Dressage at Devon Announces Bigger than Ever Breed Division First-Ever US Foal Championship

DressageDaily On the Scene - Dressage at Devon 2008

Devon, PA—

More breeds, more classes and the first ever Foal Championship at a show in the United States. Dressage at Devon continues to try to outdo itself. “Each year we try to raise the bar to make the show better and better,” says Jim Hall, Chair of the Show. “You can never rest on your laurels.” The Foal Championship, sponsored by Hassler Dressage, will be a part of the event’s extensive Breed Division which takes place September 23rd, 24th and 25th.

Dressage at Devon offers one of the most complete breed shows outside of Europe with 31 individual breeds, more than 70 classes and close to 500 horses. The Foal Championship was added primarily because, with ever-changing conformations that can impact their movement, foals will be able to compete on a more equal ground when judged against each other. In addition to the Foal Championship, the show awards Championships in Filly, Colt, Young Horse, Mare, Stallion and Mature Horse divisions, as well as a Grand Champion. It is also the venue for the Great American/United States Dressage Federation Breeders Championships East Coast Series Finals.

Three new breeds have been added to the Individual Breed Classes, bringing their total to 31. Drum Horses, a black and white Shire-like cross was bred to carry the Queen’s drummer and the Nokota, a native American horse that was almost instinct and now is beginning to gain a foothold in endurance and dressage venues. Weser-Em ponies, a German pony used mainly for dressage, will be amongst the smaller breeds. The flashy, feathered Friesian horses will be back again after a brief hiatus.

The 34th Annual Dressage at Devon Horse Show takes place on the Devon Horse Show Grounds in Devon, PA., September 23rd through 28th and benefits Thorncroft Therapeutic Horseback Riding Inc. For more information, www.dressageatdevon.org.