Dressage Canada National Championships for FEI Pony, FEI Junior and FEI Young Rider to be held in 2005

Dressage Canada announces this week the first head to head Dressage Canada National Championships for all three FEI Youth divisions which will be held August 25-28, 2005 in conjunction with the Ottawa Fall Classic, Ottawa, Ontario. Riders from the age of 12 to 21 will compete for Champion in FEI Junior, FEI Pony and FEI Young Rider divisions. With each of Canada's four regions sending their best riders, this will be truly a nation-wide Championship.

These 2005 Dressage Canada Championships are a pilot programme in anticipation of a new and exciting National Championship format being finalized for 2006.

"The great news is Championships are back," said Dressage Canada co-Chair John Harris. "The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Canadian League Final continues as the Dressage Canada Grand Prix Freestyle Championship and the inaugural three Youth FEI divisions Dressage Canada Championships start with a fanfare at the Ottawa Fall Classic. Soon to come is the announcement for the 2006 schedule."

Dressage Canada wishes to extend a sincere thank you to competition organizer Equivents Inc. who has generously offered to run these classes this year in Canada's capital. The venue is the Nepean National Equestrian Park located just outside of Ottawa and a location of past National Championships and CDI competitions as well the popular Capital Classic CSI3* international showjumping tournament.

Qualifying classes will take place throughout the summer at national competitions and the competition will be intense.

"This is a great year of opportunity and challenge for our Youth Riders," enthused Dressage Canada Youth Program Leader Roz Farber. "From Newfoundland to BC, at all three levels, Youth riders are training hard as they plan to participate at qualifier competitions listed in the 2005 National Competitions calendar, which offers more events than ever before. The momentum is building and the excitement is growing across the country as the focus is clear: achieve the scores to qualify to compete at the late August Dressage Canada National Championships in Ottawa".

For further information on these Championship, including qualifying criteria, please visit Dressage Canada website at www.dressagecanada.org . Entry forms and prizelists can be found at www.equivents.com.

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