Dr. Terrence McGee Receives Marty Simensen Memorial Trophy at 2004 Dressage at Devon

The Marty Simensen Memorial Trophy was established following the passing of a superb veterinarian and a friend to all equestrians. Marty served as the US Equestrian Team’s vet for over 22 years and was a beloved figure nationwide and here at Devon. Following his losing battle with lung cancer, Hilltop Farm and The Smiths of Marblehead, Massachusetts established a memorial trophy to honor others in the equine industry demonstrating Marty’s same spirit. Annually, we honor an individual whose life’s work reflects Marty’s endless commitment, his extraordinary kindness and generosity toward animals and their human companions.

On October 2nd at Dressage At Devon, in the 8th giving of the Marty Simensen Trophy, Hilltop Farm honored a veterinarian who typifies the expression “Endless commitment.” A true 24-7, modern day veterinarian, Dr. Terrence D. McGee is a Godsend to those for whom he administers medicine. His practical, common-sense approach is grounded in his deep commitment to the horses he treats. He has a gift in readily identifying the horse’s problem within the “big picture” and to simplify the process for treatment and healing. He finds challenge and fulfillment in treating horses of all sizes and ages, of all disciplines and potential. This duty may befall all veterinarians, but Dr. McGee fulfills it with true honor and humility.

Not a man who seeks the spotlight, we also turn to honor Dr. McGee’s mentors whose inspiration continue to resonate through his work today. His own father, Dr. Frances McGee, was a racetrack vet and taught Terrence to learn from all that was around him, good and bad. His father impressed upon his earliest mindset to “do right by each horse” and helped shape his integrity to keep the discipline of veterinary medicine free of any aims for personal gain. Terrence continued to seek motivation from great mentors like Dr. James O’Connor and Dr. Marty Simensen…surrounding himself with influences that developed his keen diagnostic abilities, while nurturing a deep commitment and generosity toward the animals in their care. These mentors live on in Dr. Terrence McGee. And they will live on in his son, Chad McGee, who has been so inspired by all that Dr. McGee does “right,” he has chosen to pursue veterinary medicine as his own career.

In honoring Dr. Terrence McGee, we are honoring the virtue in doing “good” and all that is inspired because of it. Like rings in water, the integrity with which these fine veterinarians have conducted their careers yields expanding benefits for the rest of us. On behalf of many in the equestrian community we say “Thanks, Doc” and “Congratulations!” Marty would be proud.

Text courtesy Hilltop Farm Inc.
Image copyrighted: Astrid Appels for Phelpsphotos.com

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