Dr. Kristi Truenbach Lund Two Time Winner

"I am very excited to be one of the winners and am glad that the amateur awards have returned,” said Lund, a samll animal veterinarian who runs Lund Animal Hospital with her husband Scott. “I have always felt the amateurs are the back bone of dressage, but when it comes to clinics, sponsors or prizes, we as a group seem to be overlooked a lot. Once you turn 21 no one seems interested in sponsoring a clinic for you. To compete against the pros, especially here in Florida where you rub shoulders with all the famous names, is tough. Therefore, these awards are very important to amateurs. It allows them to be recognized as an important part of the horse shows and rewards them for all their hard work.” Lund has all three of her horses insured with Mary Phelps through Markel, as does her trainer John Zopatti.

Truebenbach Lund, like many amateurs gives much credit to her trainer for making her success possible. She’s been training with John Zopatti, who won the ThinLineInc Trainer's Award, shown here with Mary Phelps, and Diane Sasscer of Saddle Fit By Diane. Zopatti for 14 years and credits him for advancing both her riding and her horses.

Truenbach Lund has certainly put in a lot of hard work for her competitive success. Both of the horses that helped her win her two amateur awards, have been real challenges for her as a rider. Fabio came to Truenbach Lund already competing at First Level but full of nervous energy. It took time for a bond to form between the two and Truenbach Lund admits that there were times “when I would have liked to give up, but something told me this horse would shine someday and he certainly has for me through the past few years. This is one of those horses that I now really feel a partnership with. We understand each other and the judges have actually made comments on our connection.”

Truenbach Lund is hoping that Fabio will move up to Intermediaire II next year and the Grand Prix soon after. Here other future star is Reel Adventure, a horse that Truenbach Lund said is probably the most talented that she has ever owned. The horse is named after a fishing show that her husband Scott hosts on television and Truenbach Lund said she chose that name because she bought the horse without telling her husband. “I figured if I named the horse after his fishing show, he couldn’t be mad at me. His barn name is "rigger" which stands for outrigger.”

Reel Adventure is, Truenbach Lund said, a real adventure. “This horse has lived up to his name! From many lows with training difficulties to the many high point wins, you never know what he will throw your way. I got him as a three year old, but he quickly moved up the ladder competing in the Five- and Six-Year-Old classes. Although he gets more solid with age, he still likes to test you daily just to keep you on your toes. When he is on, he is probably is one of the most talented and fun horses I have ever had.”

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